Pay careful attention to the words.



1.  If 40-million people lack health insurance, and anyone caught “breathing without health insurance” will get robbed taxed penalized next year, are 39-million people flipping the bird to our masters?

2. How many people got kicked off their “substandard” health insurance?

3. How many of these 1.1-million people are young, healthy, and not expected to use their insurance?


If 2-million people “visited” in one DAY, but only 1-million people “signed up” in one MONTH, would you call that “success?” Now that the deadline is over, how many people will feel the urgency of “signing up?” (Hurry, Citizens!)

And do you like that Huff Po kick-to-the-nuts-of-freedom? Oh yeah, the quasi-government Post Office is Sooooo much better than “Private Sector” delivery!


Time will tell whether Dear Leader can make the trains run on time, but this is a sad time for Americans. One more thing added to the list:

  • No one can afford a house without a mortgage.

  • No one can afford a car without payments.

  • No one can weather a week of unemployment without unemployment insurance.

  • One fifth of all Americans cannot afford food without EBT.

  • No one can make it to Friday without a credit card.

  • No one can afford medical care without insurance.

Yep, sure looks like the Land of Opportunity!


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Check Under The Seat Cushions

Don’t ever drink a soda pop while reading The Huffington Post.


Where’s The Anti-War Left?  Ha Ha! You’ll find them hanging out with the “Smaller Government” Republicans. Snort!

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When Thought Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Thoughts

Decry Decry2Hurry! We have to do something Right Now! We have to stop evil gunbuyers!

The_FutureTriple_FacepalmI’m not sure I want to get off at the Future Exit. The present is depressing enough.

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Two things I find interesting in this article. First, the picture. It’s a very carefully framed photo with the words “Health Care” on a banner. The letters look hand-made, like high school students might make a banner for a pep assembly. When O calls spirits from the Vasty Deep, the damn things really come*. Invoking the words “Health Care” brings forth from the ethereal plane all sorts of bureaucratic minions from the swirling fog. The land darkens. The words might be invoked with the best of intents, but dark agents of deception are calling the shots. ObamaScare, or ACA, or whatever, has NOTHING to do with “Health Care.” It is a law passed to force people to buy insurance from insurance companies. Whenever a middleman gets in between a buyer and seller, count on it costing you more. Did you think that all those insurance companies are selfless non-profits?

The second thing I find interesting is the comments. 6833 and counting! Who would want to read that many comments? Anyone willing to weigh and consider 6833 comments would probably also have read the entire ACA law. I sampled a few comments and saw a trend. The commenters were merely bickering partisans, Republicans vs. Democrats, rooting for their team or pet notion. I didn’t see anyone asking the basic questions that should be asked. Is this law good? Is it good to force people to buy something they might not be able to afford, that they might not want? Will a forced purchase of insurance benefit anyone without loss on the part of another?

*Shamelessly plagiarized from Richard Mitchell, The Underground Grammarian. Rest in peace, professor.

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Tipping Point

A few months ago, some of the keyboard kommandos were inciting their respective choirs with ways to spot the tipping point when revolution will become unavoidable. Well, I don’t know much about that, but being a natural-born optimist, I can tell you with certainty how to spot the moment when most people will be ready to embrace freedom. Here it is:

When cop shows that glorify thugs looking at your private records are clicked off to protect young, impressionable people from such a disturbing sight.


When no one is interested in the seeing the latest war movie.

When people spit at the sound of the word “patriot” and “veteran.”

When young men snort at the idea of “joining the military.”

When people are revulsed by TeeVee shows that idolize cops “grilling suspects” and extracting confessions by use of intimidating mind games and tricks.


When a military man can look his officer in the eye and say, “Gee Sarge, I just don’t feel like killing anyone today.”

When a SWAT thug says to his commander, “Couldn’t we just knock and politely wait a few minutes for them to open the door?”

When policemen everywhere come home mid-shift and announce to their wives, “I quit. I’m just no good at robbery and kidnapping. I think I’ll look for a job where I can make useful things.”

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I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

I guess I’m the only one that ever pondered the structural aspects of the tale of the Three Little Pigs.


If you build your house out of flimsy, flammable sticks, eventually it will blow down, burn down, or be eaten by termites. Notice in this picture that you don’t see broken chunks of concrete from flying foundations and slabs. Everybody has “insurance” these days, so it’s all good. Too bad Dorothy and Toto didn’t make it out of the house this time. By the way, there’s no such thing as a “freak” tornado. They’re very common. Same with hurricanes.

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Proverbs 30:21

“For three things the earth doth tremble, And for four, it cannot bear:”


At the top of the list of things the earth cannot bear is a servant who rideth. Why is it that we allow people with no marketable skills to run roughshod over us? 


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