Pay careful attention to the words.



1.  If 40-million people lack health insurance, and anyone caught “breathing without health insurance” will get robbed taxed penalized next year, are 39-million people flipping the bird to our masters?

2. How many people got kicked off their “substandard” health insurance?

3. How many of these 1.1-million people are young, healthy, and not expected to use their insurance?


If 2-million people “visited” in one DAY, but only 1-million people “signed up” in one MONTH, would you call that “success?” Now that the deadline is over, how many people will feel the urgency of “signing up?” (Hurry, Citizens!)

And do you like that Huff Po kick-to-the-nuts-of-freedom? Oh yeah, the quasi-government Post Office is Sooooo much better than “Private Sector” delivery!


Time will tell whether Dear Leader can make the trains run on time, but this is a sad time for Americans. One more thing added to the list:

  • No one can afford a house without a mortgage.

  • No one can afford a car without payments.

  • No one can weather a week of unemployment without unemployment insurance.

  • One fifth of all Americans cannot afford food without EBT.

  • No one can make it to Friday without a credit card.

  • No one can afford medical care without insurance.

Yep, sure looks like the Land of Opportunity!


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Check Under The Seat Cushions

Don’t ever drink a soda pop while reading The Huffington Post.


Where’s The Anti-War Left?  Ha Ha! You’ll find them hanging out with the “Smaller Government” Republicans. Snort!

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When Thought Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Thoughts

Decry Decry2Hurry! We have to do something Right Now! We have to stop evil gunbuyers!

The_FutureTriple_FacepalmI’m not sure I want to get off at the Future Exit. The present is depressing enough.

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