Tipping Point

A few months ago, some of the keyboard kommandos were inciting their respective choirs with ways to spot the tipping point when revolution will become unavoidable. Well, I don’t know much about that, but being a natural-born optimist, I can tell you with certainty how to spot the moment when most people will be ready to embrace freedom. Here it is:

When cop shows that glorify thugs looking at your private records are clicked off to protect young, impressionable people from such a disturbing sight.


When no one is interested in the seeing the latest war movie.

When people spit at the sound of the word “patriot” and “veteran.”

When young men snort at the idea of “joining the military.”

When people are revulsed by TeeVee shows that idolize cops “grilling suspects” and extracting confessions by use of intimidating mind games and tricks.


When a military man can look his officer in the eye and say, “Gee Sarge, I just don’t feel like killing anyone today.”

When a SWAT thug says to his commander, “Couldn’t we just knock and politely wait a few minutes for them to open the door?”

When policemen everywhere come home mid-shift and announce to their wives, “I quit. I’m just no good at robbery and kidnapping. I think I’ll look for a job where I can make useful things.”

Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Tipping Point”

  1. See Sea says:

    Ah, but the sheeple LOVE CSI, NCIS, COPS, whatever that show is with the weirdos that fly around at exorbitant cost to the taxpayer to usurp local investigators…. shit, can’t remember what that one is called… They are “profilers”, with that one young guy with the scraggly hair that looks like a sweaty palmed pedophile… And the goofy computer geek chick… Well screw it I don’t care and don’t watch…

    You are right. And we’re a LONG way from there, sadly enough. They all want to be “chipped”, facial recognizition, biometrics… Whatever keeps them “safe” from the boogeyman. Well I reckon I am kept safe from the boogeyman by situational awareness, Mossberg, Marlin, Mosin Nagant, Heritage Arms……

    “Criminal Minds”! That’s the one I couldn’t think of. I remembered it. Dammit…

    • Hi Craig,

      “weirdos that fly around at exorbitant cost to the taxpayer to usurp local investigators”

      Ha ha. Pretty much sums that one up.

      This worship of State, Religion, Military, Po-lice, Gangs, Sports, Brand Names, etc., is the cause of most of the problems of mankind. I’ve learned, at no small cost, not to try to talk someone out of their pet notions. It’s a futile undertaking. All I can do is examine my own beliefs, especially my most closely held beliefs.


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