Angering The Comrade Children


It is inexcusable, of course, to stop science, or starve babies, or throw people out on the street. But when you start pissing off 6th graders, well, a line has been crossed.


“I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air – that progress made under the shadow of the policeman’s club is false progress, and of no permanent value.”

H. L. Mencken


Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Angering The Comrade Children”

  1. Gtajmack says:

    Maybe if we are lucky, the govt will remain closed for the rest of the year.
    no action at all on their part would be better than what has happened so far.

    • Hi Jon,

      Unfortunately, the only government functions allegedly “shut down” are things of no consequence. When pink slips are issued to police, military, NSA, IRS, FBI, DEA, ICE, etc., then I’ll pop some corn and enjoy the show.

      One small silver lining:
      I’ve noticed that most countries don’t need a huge militarized police to scare the population into submission. That means that our “leaders” think we might still have some fight in us. There’s always that hope.


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