Smack A Fool, Revisited

The U.S. has been formulating its response to an alleged chemical attack carried out by Syrian forces that killed hundreds of civilians last month. “These are crimes against humanity and they cannot be tolerated,” Kerry warned.


“We cannot have hollow words in the conduct of international affairs”

Ketchup Boy, the hollowest of hollow men.


A few questions, in between saber rattling:

  • Is there any difference between a chemical attack and an attack with bullets?

  • What kind of attacks will “we” tolerate?

  • Who are the “we” that Ketchup Boy is referring to?

  • What is a Crime Against Humanity, and how does it differ from normal government aggression? 

  • Is the use of tear gas a crime against humanity? (Think Waco.)

  • Does the U.S. Military have chemical weapons?

  • If so, why?

Posted by Dave


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