Smack a Fool

It’s all about perspective. Stand back and look at the big picture.


I lifted this cool graphic from CA over at WRSA.


Nobel O: Ima smack a fool in the face just for livin’!

 Ketchup Boy: Wha’ fool you be talking ’bout?

 Nobel O: Dat fool AssHat.

 Pooty: Nuh uh, girlfriend! AssHat is my homeboy, a righteous dawg.  You lay one Patriot Missile on him and Ima bitchslap yo ass back to Kenya.

 Nobel O: Wazzat smell? Did I step in a pile o’ dogshit?

 Ketchup Boy: Fo-shizzle!

 Nobel O: Guess I best git to blamin’ this on somebody. I dump dis shit on the “People’s Representatives.” Ha ha!


Posted by Dave


4 Comments on “Smack a Fool”

  1. See Sea says:

    That’s funny right there!

  2. Gtajmack says:

    They have to do something……..(the bread and americas got tallent is wearing off) ;-)

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