In Mother’s Arms


Obamacare. Safe. Reassuring. Sounds like mother cradling you in her arms. But Obamacare has nothing to do with medical treatment. It’s a law that forces you to buy insurance. If you’re an old-timer like me, you can remember a time before mandatory vehicle insurance. Back then, insurance for your car was affordable, so even teenagers could, and did, buy insurance. Now, it might just be that it doesn’t necessarily follow, but I can’t help noticing that auto insurance is not very affordable anymore, and the law certainly hasn’t stopped people from driving without the insurance they can’t afford. 

Insurance is usually purchased to protect us from catastrophe, not inconvenience. But most people’s idea of health insurance is really pre-paid medical. Got a wart or have a heart attack? Just a $5 co-pay to have the doctor fix you up, no matter whether your ailment is major or minor.

Obamacare connotes the great lawgiver’s gift to “the people.” I’m pretty sure O didn’t write the damn law. Do you think he’s even read it? Do you think any of the legislators that passed it have bothered to read it? Do you know anyone who thinks Obamacare is a good idea? Do you know any legislators who think its a good idea?

If Obamacare had a different name, do you think it would be even less popular? How about Obamastortion? Obamarob-a? BarryMyFootUp?

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Smack A Fool, Revisited

The U.S. has been formulating its response to an alleged chemical attack carried out by Syrian forces that killed hundreds of civilians last month. “These are crimes against humanity and they cannot be tolerated,” Kerry warned.


“We cannot have hollow words in the conduct of international affairs”

Ketchup Boy, the hollowest of hollow men.


A few questions, in between saber rattling:

  • Is there any difference between a chemical attack and an attack with bullets?

  • What kind of attacks will “we” tolerate?

  • Who are the “we” that Ketchup Boy is referring to?

  • What is a Crime Against Humanity, and how does it differ from normal government aggression? 

  • Is the use of tear gas a crime against humanity? (Think Waco.)

  • Does the U.S. Military have chemical weapons?

  • If so, why?

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Smack a Fool

It’s all about perspective. Stand back and look at the big picture.


I lifted this cool graphic from CA over at WRSA.


Nobel O: Ima smack a fool in the face just for livin’!

 Ketchup Boy: Wha’ fool you be talking ’bout?

 Nobel O: Dat fool AssHat.

 Pooty: Nuh uh, girlfriend! AssHat is my homeboy, a righteous dawg.  You lay one Patriot Missile on him and Ima bitchslap yo ass back to Kenya.

 Nobel O: Wazzat smell? Did I step in a pile o’ dogshit?

 Ketchup Boy: Fo-shizzle!

 Nobel O: Guess I best git to blamin’ this on somebody. I dump dis shit on the “People’s Representatives.” Ha ha!


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Grandpa Walnuts and The Nobel Kenyan performing felatio on eachother’s war hardons.

The entire country is hanging on by its fingernails, and you fuckers want to stomp on our hands. May the dogs gnaw your bones in Hell for all eternity, you evil, wicked sonsabitches!

Andy has the best article on the situation:

H/T to Lisa at RAW.

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