On The Table

“The business climate in California is just not conducive to maintaining current business levels much less talking about expanding,” said Lisa McCabe, Bullhead Regional Economic Development Authority president.

 “The taxes, the workman’s comp insurance, just the sheer volume of regulations that are being imposed upon the businesses is putting a stranglehold on them.”

 Quality jobs and capital investment qualify for incentives from the city of Bullhead City, McCabe says.

 “Anything to stimulate the economy and get the area growing again.”

 City Manager Toby Cotter “has told me anything and everything is on the table for negotiations with the right project,” McCabe gushes.

 Mohave Valley Daily News Article

When you divorce responsibility from human action, the result is terms like “business climate”. I like the stranglehold metaphor, though. And what about the everything-is-on-the-table “negotiations” for the “right project”? Oh, for the anticipation of another neck to strangle! As if a half-nelson stranglehold is an “incentive” to move for a business currently enjoying a full-nelson.

 If everything truly was “on the table”, one of the dishes would be a heaping helping of freedom. Can’t have that. Damn businessmen would be running the streets in packs.

Posted by Dave