‪Vive la Différence‬

“Not an inch to the east, not an inch to the west!”


I understand that there is no such thing as a Democratic mind or a Republican mind, and that only in an individual mind can thinking take place. (Or not.) Bear with me. Let’s assume that politicians have taken sides, and that D’s are in lockstep and R’s are in steplock, with a strange sort of ideological fence running through the center of the legislative building. Neither side is allowed to sit on on said fence. They may only throw rotten fruit at each other, over the fence.

 Consider these two statements:

 Statement #1: Government stimulus spending will help the economy.

 Statement #2: Government stimulus spending will hurt the economy.

 Let’s put aside an assessment of the worth of either of these two statements, or where all this money is supposed to come from, and concentrate instead on the sporting event we call an election. The Democrats insist that Republicans have prevented them from spending the “correct” amount of money that would have instantly revived the foundering economy. Republicans, of course, argue that huge spending is what keeps the depression going. Neither side will yield. So, in America, only politicians and fruit vendors wax fat.

 The word “economy” is newspeak for “the health of the republic”. Republic, of course, meaning the government. So which team are you cheering on?




Posted by Dave



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