Nice Red Tie, Asshole!

Those Democratic Hoops are too easy to jump through. Our Republican Hoops have flames. Much more entertaining. And walls. Lots of walls.


If only my hero, Ronald Reagan, was here, he’d be all about securing the border.


“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”


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Nice Blue Tie, Asshole.

If you work real hard, says the HNIC …



You can latch yourself onto that big ol’ government titty and start sucking. Like this. Maybe get yourself a nice gov’ment job.


Forgive me. Ridicule is all I have left. Reason has fled the country.


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Essential Services

“Taxes are the price we pay for freedom.”

 Ignore the irony in that statement. Irony is dead. Let’s move on.


Government. Why do people eagerly flock to the polls to elect politicians that will rob us through taxation and constrain our liberty? Doesn’t make sense to me. The unintended consequence of all laws is a deadening of our spirit. I can remember when politicians used to get elected by promising less government. (Ha ha!) You don’t hear that anymore. Now our elected masters loudly proclaim how they want to pile on the laws. People don’t function well under compulsion.

 Roads. This “essential” government service is thrown in the faces of people who profess a liking for freedom. Their stumped look is taken as an “Aha, gotcha there, mister freedom-lover!” The sputtering answer is usually something like, “But private enterprise can do it better!” You can’t win that argument by accepting the premise that we need roads. I think I’d get along just as well with a horse, or walking. That’s just me. I wouldn’t force dusty trails or freedom on anyone. I know that the rural farm life is tough, but I don’t think it would be any tougher than chronic unemployment in a city. I might feel differently if my entire skill set wasn’t invested in the dead trade of carpentry. As for people who think that government roads are desirable, well, I suppose they do help you get to your plantation on time. Just keep in mind that permission to use those roads (drivers license) can be revoked at any time for any reason.

 Schools. Most people think that children, left to themselves, will sit on the couch all day and play video games, eating potato chips and drinking sugary soda pop. Maybe. There were no video games when I was a child. That might be why I spent almost all daylight hours outdoors. I have no rare insights into how to encourage a child to learn, but I do know that busing him to a locked-down prison camp is not the best way.

 Police. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I see Officer Friendly. Major warning bells. The police don’t fuck around. They will Bonnie-and-Clyde-Deathcar your ass in a heartbeat, all in the name of “officer safety.” Without enforcers, no erosion of liberty would be possible.

 Fire Department. Wouldn’t it be a whole hell of a lot easier to just build homes that don’t burn? Mark Twain suggested this about a hundred years ago, and now that he’s gone, I’m the only person in the world that thinks this is a good idea. Just in my scrawny berg, every week a house burns and people are left homeless or lifeless. Why do people still build homes out of flimsy, flammable sticks?

 Military. In my lifetime, no other government has sent their army to attack America, but America’s government has attacked, without provocation, almost every country on this planet. I see no justification for, and only danger, in keeping a standing army. If the mightiest military on earth can’t subjugate goat herders in Afghanistan, then should I really worry about foreign invaders?


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Demand a Plan

How many more have to die? We need to do something right now! Demand a Plan for Weather Control.


Potentially Historic Blizzard Hits Northeast… At Least 4 Reported Dead… 38 Inches Of Snow In CT… More Than 650,000 Without Power… Report: Mass. Nuclear Plant Safe After Shutdown… State Of Emergency Declared In CT, RI, MA, NY, ME… MA, CT Governors Ban All Traffic… Motorists Trapped… 
LOOK: Weather Warning Map… STORM TRACKER

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‪Vive la Différence‬

“Not an inch to the east, not an inch to the west!”


I understand that there is no such thing as a Democratic mind or a Republican mind, and that only in an individual mind can thinking take place. (Or not.) Bear with me. Let’s assume that politicians have taken sides, and that D’s are in lockstep and R’s are in steplock, with a strange sort of ideological fence running through the center of the legislative building. Neither side is allowed to sit on on said fence. They may only throw rotten fruit at each other, over the fence.

 Consider these two statements:

 Statement #1: Government stimulus spending will help the economy.

 Statement #2: Government stimulus spending will hurt the economy.

 Let’s put aside an assessment of the worth of either of these two statements, or where all this money is supposed to come from, and concentrate instead on the sporting event we call an election. The Democrats insist that Republicans have prevented them from spending the “correct” amount of money that would have instantly revived the foundering economy. Republicans, of course, argue that huge spending is what keeps the depression going. Neither side will yield. So, in America, only politicians and fruit vendors wax fat.

 The word “economy” is newspeak for “the health of the republic”. Republic, of course, meaning the government. So which team are you cheering on?




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