Listening To The Words

For your consideration. From the Party of Freedom, here in the Socialist Workers Paradise.


“We need an agricultural workers program that allows us to bring in seasonal and long-term laborers to provide our agricultural industries with the workers they need.”

 Marco Rubio

Pay particular attention to the words in the above sentence. Who exactly are “we”, “us”, “our”, and “they?” Are they all the same people, or do each of those words identify a different group with an agenda?

“The best thing for our country is to deal with this issue in a humane but responsible way that ensures this never happens again – not because anyone has a “right” to reside here illegally, but because, with or without documents, most of them are here to stay.”

 Marco Rubio

“…with or without documents, most of them are here to stay.” Got that? People saying, “I don’t care about your laws. I’m not complying.” Rubio, going into full-auto politician mode, instantly decides all that is needed is just a few more “sensible” laws. Kinda like gun control.

“If a person has no right to be in this country, then he has no right to be.”

 “A right is that which does not require permission.”

 Ayn Rand

 I can’t find either of these quotes on the Innertubes, so I’m going from memory. Ayn Rand was an illegal alien. She “overstayed” her visa. When her attempts to gain legal “permission” failed, she married a “citizen,”  i.e., a man that had permission because of a piece of paper proving the geographical accident of his birth in America. Citizenship is not, in any case, a right. It is permission. Don’t confuse the two.

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