Resist! Tell ’em to fuck themselves!

 OK. sure. right. uh-huh.

 Lots of people make an honest attempt to comply with the dizzying number of laws from a government that was supposedly instituted to secure our right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. There are also lots of people who grudgingly comply with the myriad laws. Most of these grudging compliers are, like myself, unwilling to become a martyr. If an unlimited government can’t secure your rights, what makes you think I can? I have enough worries just putting food on the table. If you think I ought to lay down my life in a futile attempt to “bring freedom to the masses,” then I’ll have to disappoint you. If you want to call me a coward, well, stick and stones.

 But there’s a question that’s been bothering me. Why would a power-hungry politician prefer to rule over a starving, burnt-out cinder of a country, when with a little freedom everyone has a shot at a full belly. I used to think it was because the politician thought he could have it all: happy, productive slave-citizens eagerly handing over anything demanded of them. I’m not sure anymore.

 What happens in a land where laws increase without limit? Ambition dies. No one explicitly declares that they won’t jump through building department hoops to build a home, or that they won’t buy a new car because of the 10% sales tax, or that they won’t buy a new rifle because of the outrage-to-their-dignity of a background check, or that they won’t fly because of the humiliation of public pat-downs. But they won’t, and that’s why they won’t. So the land becomes grey with apathy, and everyone becomes poorer and poorer.

 I worry. I gnaw my knuckles. I have no answers.


Posted by Dave


10 Comments on “Compliance”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I don’t have any answers either. Until we all come TOGETHER, pull up our big boy pants, and declare NO MORE, well, we are just fucked…

    • Unfortunately, Craig, the first guy to say NO MORE will get several high-capacity LE mags emptied into him at 2 a.m.

      I won’t give up my guns. That’s my line, and I’m hoping that’ll be THE line-in-the-sand for my fellows as well, but my guns haven’t yet prevented the government from taking any other damn thing they want from me, anytime they want it. Sitting here in the pot, it’s starting to get a bit warm, and I’m wondering if it might be time to jump.


  2. You are making the flawed assumption that the majority of modern Americans are capable of critical thinking.

  3. Gtajmack says:

    We do what every other govt. oppressed people do ,drop off the grid as much as possible and engage in barter/black market. I see lots of that already here.

  4. China says:

    Dave,whats truly scary is all of those who see nothing wrong! Come on People. Guess maybe we just care n worry too much! No .. We don’t wantta be slaves and see it coming! No answer here either.

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