Managing The Flow

Obama will push for changes to the legal immigration system, which is universally considered to be out of date and ill-suited to the labor market and to managing the future flow of immigrant workers.

Obama has consistently said that a path to citizenship is vital to immigration reform, and it will be non-negotiable in his plan. It wouldn’t be the “amnesty” decried by some on the right. It would likely involve fines, English tests and “going to the back of the line,” which means waiting for possibly a long, long time.

Lest you think that any politician, right or left, Republican or Democrat, favors freedom of migration, please read the above carefully. It’s best if your lips move as you read.

Only the well and truly enslaved would beg their master to put up a fence around the plantation to keep out the runaways from other plantations. A fence works both ways, and once the overseer starts doing a head count at night, every slave will look longingly beyond that fence.

A man ought to be free to move anywhere he thinks will better his situation.

Posted by Dave


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