The Better From The Worse

“I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you’re willing to work hard … you can make it here in America.”

Barry Soetoro

I don’t remember that one, Barry. Which founder said that? And whenever a politician starts talking about what WE can accomplish, he’s expecting YOU to do the heavy lifting.

“By most accounts, middle-class Americans are no better off than they were when the president took office in 2009, in the wake of an unprecedented financial crisis and in the midst of the Great Recession.”

Dave Jamieson and Arthur Delaney, Huffpo Hacks

This is news? You boys really should get out more.

“Democracy, after all, can’t thrive without a broad, strong, educated core of citizens. But today they find themselves buffeted by the remorseless dictates of global capital, the need for evermore education and training and the burdens of higher taxes to pay for social programs they need, such as health care.”

Puzzling. I’ve never seen Democracy referred to as “they.” And further, a “they” that need “social programs.” 

“Battling these global and cultural trends is difficult. In fact, it is unfair to ask any one person — even a president, even Barack Obama — to overcome them all. The president’s first responsibility in 2009 literally was to do his part to save the world’s frozen capital, banking and trade systems — without which the American middle class would have had no prospects at all.”

Doesn’t this sentence evoke a vision of Barry, hands on hips, his cape fluttering in the breeze?

“Obama’s landmark 2009 stimulus bill pumped billions of dollars into the ailing economy, stemming the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs each month.”

I think we know who was getting pumped. From the rear.

“To address the decline in manufacturing jobs, the Obama administration has undertaken a number of modest initiatives, such as launching a manufacturing institute in Youngstown, Ohio, with $30 million in federal funding…”

Thanks, Barry. I’m sure that’ll bring things around.


Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “The Better From The Worse”

  1. China says:

    Everyone I know or talk to are worse now then they have ever been! What the hell is a manufacturing institute,by the way? The extra $40- $50 he’s taking out of everybody’s check is really Helping!!! Oh yeah Hi Dave! Good post!


    • Hi China,

      I just hope that “manufacturing institute” needed a new building and put a few carpenters to work.

      As to the $40-$50, he’s not taking it out of my paycheck. I haven’t worked since last June. And nothing on the horizon.

      It seems like every news article these days is a gold mine of WTF.


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