More Laws


“Prohibiting some guns will make us safer.”

 If your first reaction is, “Nu-uh! More guns will make us safer!”, then you’re not very good at this “national debate” thing.

 Neither “side” of that “argument” is valid because both are merely opinions. An opinion can’t be argued. One side believes A, one side believes B. Big deal. Instead, how about separating things down to principals, like when you’re looking through your hardware bucket for a particular nut or screw. A prohibition, or law against something, is a codification of an opinion. In the case of “liberals” wanting to outlaw guns, what they think they want is some objective opinion of what each person should be “allowed” to possess. Doesn’t that just rankle your ass? What’s worse is the unintended consequences. “No, wait, I didn’t mean for that law to apply to ME!”


Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “More Laws”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Never really heard it put that way. Well done!

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