It’s Time To Demand A Plan

It’s time to start a National Conversation over how to take political weapons out of the hands of the psychopathic whack jobs in Washington DC. The Founders that wrote our Constitution never envisioned High-Capacity, Pork-Laden Bills Of Mass Economic/Liberty Destruction. I don’t care if the Constitution guarantees them the right to run roughshod over us. It’s time to start background checks and psychiatric exams for politicians and maybe even licenses and registration with insurance, just like we do with cars. How about a $200 tax on them every time they submit a bill? How many more innocent Americans must suffer abuse at the hands of an unregulated political elite?


Posted by Dave


4 Comments on “It’s Time To Demand A Plan”

  1. China says:

    Amen Bro! Seconded here!


  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I like it. Also, let’s have them take certification tests on a regular basis and force them to become dues paying members of an “association”. Yeah, one that requires “continuing education”, so many years of experience for such and such level of certification, etc… Hey, that’s how it is for us working stiffs. OOOOOHHHH!!!! I got it!!! CONgress union!!! Ha ha! Make them start out as an apprentice and work their way up! :)

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