Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty

All of the ‘toons and pics below were snaked from lefty Bartcop.


1.  Most laws don’t expire unless struck down or repealed. Acts sometimes “expire”, and are different from laws in a way that I don’t entirely understand. I’m sure, though, that tomfoolery is afoot. As to the above “failure”, I’d like to hear the name of the doer attached to the deed.

2. Does the Violence Against Women Act allow or prohibit violence against women, and why is violence against women different from violence against any human?

3. As to the question “When are women going to stop electing Republicans,” I might humorously juxtapose, “When are men going to stop electing Democrats?” Nothing good happens when any politician gets elected.



Why not? If there were dangerous rock-throwing children about, I would certainly want my child to “carry”. Hell, I’d even buy him a slingshot for his back pocket. If you are concerned about your child, why do you force him to go to a place where his privacy is not respected and he is disarmed, searched, locked down, and indoctrinated?


This one escapes me. Why shouldn’t we have Door #3, where nobody controls anybody? I find irony in the above picture. Our very own “limited” government is quite fond of waterboarding.


So if we ask Alice to “get by on a few billion dollars less,” how will she pay her employees? And if there were no Wally World, how much higher would the “official” unemployment rate be? And where the hell would we shop? If working at Walmart is so bad, why does anyone work there? As for who “foots the bill,” our government first has to rob us before it can bestow “benefits” on us. Robbing poor people isn’t very efficient.


Yup, this is why Australia is a hotbed of prosperity, and everyone there is rich. Now really, if you weren’t worth $16/hour, would you be able to find an employer willing to pay you that?


Wow! Why didn’t I think of it? The reason why poor people are poor is because they give all their money to rich people. The above conjures a picture of a huge distribution warehouse where poor people hand out bags of money to rich people standing in line. Ha ha!

And furthermore….

What useful distinction is served by slinging handfuls of left mud or right mud? Both left and right seem OK with robbery and violence. The only difference is which recipients currently enjoy the plunder. Both “sides” do agree that violence and robbery must only be committed by official thugs.

I do a facepalm every time a blogger slams Republicans by saying something to the effect of “Republican greed has ruined America. Freedom has failed. We need more regulations.”

Why is it that paying your bills is a good thing for individuals, but when it comes to the government, “Deficits don’t matter. We gotta get the economy moving. Hurry!”

 Why does “reform” alway require more laws? Everybody seems to have their own idea of what “reform” means. What it always means is more laws. Freedom dims.

Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Most folks fail to recognize their own duplicity. Others seem to embrace it…

    • Hi Craig,

      It’s hard to stand back and examine your beliefs. I have a tough time with that one myself. I prefer freedom mostly because it just feels right.

      Congrats on your lucrative run of work. I think a hell of a lot of people missed you for a few days.


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