Fair Share

“When it comes to substance, the G.O.P. is more committed than ever to policies that take from most Americans and give to a wealthy handful.”

“Which brings me back to Mr. Jindal, who declared in his speech that “we are a populist party.” No, you aren’t. You’re a party that holds a large proportion of Americans in contempt. And the public may have figured that out.”

Paul Krugman

First Ballots Hotel

I hate to be the one to disappoint you, Paul, but “The Public” hasn’t figured it out. And if you think there’s the slightest difference between the two lockstep parties, each of them arguing over the particulars of who to fuck, then you haven’t figured it out either.

I have no idea what everyone’s “Fair Share” should be. Neither do you. Furthermore, I’ve got no use for anyone who thinks they should decide how to spend the money in my bank account. 


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Listening To The Words

For your consideration. From the Party of Freedom, here in the Socialist Workers Paradise.


“We need an agricultural workers program that allows us to bring in seasonal and long-term laborers to provide our agricultural industries with the workers they need.”

 Marco Rubio

Pay particular attention to the words in the above sentence. Who exactly are “we”, “us”, “our”, and “they?” Are they all the same people, or do each of those words identify a different group with an agenda?

“The best thing for our country is to deal with this issue in a humane but responsible way that ensures this never happens again – not because anyone has a “right” to reside here illegally, but because, with or without documents, most of them are here to stay.”

 Marco Rubio

“…with or without documents, most of them are here to stay.” Got that? People saying, “I don’t care about your laws. I’m not complying.” Rubio, going into full-auto politician mode, instantly decides all that is needed is just a few more “sensible” laws. Kinda like gun control.

“If a person has no right to be in this country, then he has no right to be.”

 “A right is that which does not require permission.”

 Ayn Rand

 I can’t find either of these quotes on the Innertubes, so I’m going from memory. Ayn Rand was an illegal alien. She “overstayed” her visa. When her attempts to gain legal “permission” failed, she married a “citizen,”  i.e., a man that had permission because of a piece of paper proving the geographical accident of his birth in America. Citizenship is not, in any case, a right. It is permission. Don’t confuse the two.

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Resist! Tell ’em to fuck themselves!

 OK. sure. right. uh-huh.

 Lots of people make an honest attempt to comply with the dizzying number of laws from a government that was supposedly instituted to secure our right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. There are also lots of people who grudgingly comply with the myriad laws. Most of these grudging compliers are, like myself, unwilling to become a martyr. If an unlimited government can’t secure your rights, what makes you think I can? I have enough worries just putting food on the table. If you think I ought to lay down my life in a futile attempt to “bring freedom to the masses,” then I’ll have to disappoint you. If you want to call me a coward, well, stick and stones.

 But there’s a question that’s been bothering me. Why would a power-hungry politician prefer to rule over a starving, burnt-out cinder of a country, when with a little freedom everyone has a shot at a full belly. I used to think it was because the politician thought he could have it all: happy, productive slave-citizens eagerly handing over anything demanded of them. I’m not sure anymore.

 What happens in a land where laws increase without limit? Ambition dies. No one explicitly declares that they won’t jump through building department hoops to build a home, or that they won’t buy a new car because of the 10% sales tax, or that they won’t buy a new rifle because of the outrage-to-their-dignity of a background check, or that they won’t fly because of the humiliation of public pat-downs. But they won’t, and that’s why they won’t. So the land becomes grey with apathy, and everyone becomes poorer and poorer.

 I worry. I gnaw my knuckles. I have no answers.


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Managing The Flow

Obama will push for changes to the legal immigration system, which is universally considered to be out of date and ill-suited to the labor market and to managing the future flow of immigrant workers.

Obama has consistently said that a path to citizenship is vital to immigration reform, and it will be non-negotiable in his plan. It wouldn’t be the “amnesty” decried by some on the right. It would likely involve fines, English tests and “going to the back of the line,” which means waiting for possibly a long, long time.

Lest you think that any politician, right or left, Republican or Democrat, favors freedom of migration, please read the above carefully. It’s best if your lips move as you read.

Only the well and truly enslaved would beg their master to put up a fence around the plantation to keep out the runaways from other plantations. A fence works both ways, and once the overseer starts doing a head count at night, every slave will look longingly beyond that fence.

A man ought to be free to move anywhere he thinks will better his situation.

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The Better From The Worse

“I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you’re willing to work hard … you can make it here in America.”

Barry Soetoro

I don’t remember that one, Barry. Which founder said that? And whenever a politician starts talking about what WE can accomplish, he’s expecting YOU to do the heavy lifting.

“By most accounts, middle-class Americans are no better off than they were when the president took office in 2009, in the wake of an unprecedented financial crisis and in the midst of the Great Recession.”

Dave Jamieson and Arthur Delaney, Huffpo Hacks

This is news? You boys really should get out more.

“Democracy, after all, can’t thrive without a broad, strong, educated core of citizens. But today they find themselves buffeted by the remorseless dictates of global capital, the need for evermore education and training and the burdens of higher taxes to pay for social programs they need, such as health care.”

Puzzling. I’ve never seen Democracy referred to as “they.” And further, a “they” that need “social programs.” 

“Battling these global and cultural trends is difficult. In fact, it is unfair to ask any one person — even a president, even Barack Obama — to overcome them all. The president’s first responsibility in 2009 literally was to do his part to save the world’s frozen capital, banking and trade systems — without which the American middle class would have had no prospects at all.”

Doesn’t this sentence evoke a vision of Barry, hands on hips, his cape fluttering in the breeze?

“Obama’s landmark 2009 stimulus bill pumped billions of dollars into the ailing economy, stemming the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs each month.”

I think we know who was getting pumped. From the rear.

“To address the decline in manufacturing jobs, the Obama administration has undertaken a number of modest initiatives, such as launching a manufacturing institute in Youngstown, Ohio, with $30 million in federal funding…”

Thanks, Barry. I’m sure that’ll bring things around.


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Sharing The Work

Paul Krugman: GOP Debt Ceiling Strategy Is ‘Hostage Taking’

Paul Krugman Debt Ceiling

If Republicans are busy taking hostages, the Democrats should step up to the plate and deliver the ransom demands. The Republicans shouldn’t have to do all the work.


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Praetorian Guards

Oleg Volk tells us all about it.

What does this guy do when he needs to take a leak? Or a dump? “Hey Steve, come on over here and guard the President while I take a $5 shit.”

I’m surprised the NRA doesn’t use this guy as a poster boy for protecting the kiddies. I mean, if he’s good enough for the President, how about sticking one of these guys in the back of every classroom in America. Talk about a jobs program for returning military people! (Serious Irony and Hyperbole Alert)


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