Woman Rescued From Burning Home

GOLDEN VALLEY — Golden Valley Fire Chief Thomas O’Donohue is calling some local residents “true heroes” for their acts of bravery at a structure fire Friday.

Here in Mohave County this scene is legion. Every fucking week another tinderbox, deathtrap, wood-frame home burns to the ground, often with injuries or death to the owner or his pets. The article spoke of bravery and heroism. All true. What the article didn’t mention was the villains involved. This woman was duped by lots of people into believing her home was safe. It was not. Let’s name the villains.

 1. The Architect. If you design a home for someone, shouldn’t you have some concern for the safety of its occupants? Designing a shelter should involve more than just thinking about the arrangement of rooms.

 2. The Structural Engineer. After how many homes destroyed by hurricanes and tornadoes did it finally occur to engineers that the effect of wind on a home needs to be taken into account? Well, how about other things that may adversely affect a home?

 3. Building Department “Officials.” Every single sonabitch that stamped their “approval” on this house should be butt-fucked on public television. Any home using wood framing is unsafe.

 4. The “Licensed” Contractor. Granted, building a shoddy product is not usually “illegal,” but it’s purchase is definitely unwise. If you build a wood-framed home for a customer, you should insert this clause into the contract: “Use of this structure may result in fiery death.”

I’ve heard all the arguments. “But wood framing is how we always done it.” Time to get over that one. “But people can’t afford a fireproof house.” I’d like to point out that galvanized steel stud framing is cheaper than wood, less waste, no warpage, no termite buffet, no rust, connections are stronger, and a fire has to be pretty damn hot to burn steel. “But wood-framed homes are what is out there for sale.” Caveat emptor.

Posted by Dave


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