Kinda Early

There’s an old Ma & Pa Kettle movie where Ma says to Pa, “Why don’t you go and get a job?” Pa responds thusly, “Kinda early, Ma.”

 Carpentry is a dead trade. I nose around on Craigslist for jobs, but most of the carpenter jobs listed are like this:

 Must have complete tools to do everything from concrete to painting, rough framing to fine-furniture finishing, have reliable transportation, and be able to show up on time and sober. Pay: up to $10/hr DOE

 As for the tools, I do have them, but it would require a 40′-long enclosed trailer to get them all to the job. It would be a great sadness to beat all those tools to death for ten bucks an hour. As for reliable transportation, I would consider that and a sober ability to show up at the appointed hour a bare-minimum qualification for any job on the planet. That it is even mentioned makes me weep for my trade brothers.

 So perhaps it’s time to look around for another occupation. I considered my abilities and looking in the ads I find a need for security guards. Here’s a typical ad:

 Applicant must:

• have a valid AZ DPS Security Guard Card

• have a valid AZ DPS Armed Security Guard Card or ability to obtain and have own weapon

• have excellent customer service skills and a professional demeanor

• be able to read, write & communicate in English

• have High School Diploma, GED or DD214

• be 21 years of age or over

• have current telephone number

• be able to pass a drug screening, background check, reference check and personal history questionnaire (PHQ) 

• be eligible to work in the U.S.

 Ooooh, I am really close on this one. I lack any kind of license, though, and jumping through bureaucratic hoops is not my forte. Also, my “personal history” is personal, and I’m offended by any “investigation” of my background. I’m a very private person. I’ll have to pass on this one.

 OK, moving on. Trucker. Yeah, I might be able to do that. Here’s an ad:

 Truck driver–must have CDL with The Following endorsements: (Hugely Long List)

Pay: $9/hr.

 I checked into getting a CDL. It’s not easy. Truck driver schools charge thousands, and I’m not sure that I would ever get that investment back at that pay rate. Pass on that.

 One more thing I might be good at. I’m pretty fair with AutoCAD. I’ve drawn lots of house plans and I used AutoCAD to lay out all the jobs I’ve worked on in Vegas. I’ve got a reasonably good knowledge of land surveying, and I can draw boundary maps. Ahh, here’s a job for an entry-level survey tech:

 Survey tech. Minimum qualifications:

College degree in land surveying.

PLS license in at least 3 states.

Ten years verifiable experience in road design and utility network design, and expert in use of ForniCALC 2013 and PenisWorks 8.

Must be team player in a fast-paced office, juggle 30 jobs at one time, work in the field supervising others, and meet all deadlines.

Pay: $12/hr.

 Pa was right. It is kinda early.

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Woman Rescued From Burning Home

GOLDEN VALLEY — Golden Valley Fire Chief Thomas O’Donohue is calling some local residents “true heroes” for their acts of bravery at a structure fire Friday.

Here in Mohave County this scene is legion. Every fucking week another tinderbox, deathtrap, wood-frame home burns to the ground, often with injuries or death to the owner or his pets. The article spoke of bravery and heroism. All true. What the article didn’t mention was the villains involved. This woman was duped by lots of people into believing her home was safe. It was not. Let’s name the villains.

 1. The Architect. If you design a home for someone, shouldn’t you have some concern for the safety of its occupants? Designing a shelter should involve more than just thinking about the arrangement of rooms.

 2. The Structural Engineer. After how many homes destroyed by hurricanes and tornadoes did it finally occur to engineers that the effect of wind on a home needs to be taken into account? Well, how about other things that may adversely affect a home?

 3. Building Department “Officials.” Every single sonabitch that stamped their “approval” on this house should be butt-fucked on public television. Any home using wood framing is unsafe.

 4. The “Licensed” Contractor. Granted, building a shoddy product is not usually “illegal,” but it’s purchase is definitely unwise. If you build a wood-framed home for a customer, you should insert this clause into the contract: “Use of this structure may result in fiery death.”

I’ve heard all the arguments. “But wood framing is how we always done it.” Time to get over that one. “But people can’t afford a fireproof house.” I’d like to point out that galvanized steel stud framing is cheaper than wood, less waste, no warpage, no termite buffet, no rust, connections are stronger, and a fire has to be pretty damn hot to burn steel. “But wood-framed homes are what is out there for sale.” Caveat emptor.

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On Virtue

But if my country says to butcher, then butchery were no crime, but a source of honor. To kill for pure enjoyment, as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, is most contemptible, but to do it because Bush II, Tojo, Bin Laden, or Netanyahu commands it—this is virtue at its highest. Killing for your own reasons is criminal. Killing someone you have never seen for the benefit of a politician you have never met is a source of medals.


Fred Reed

Some things just need to be said.

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A Nice Sunset



There’s more, of course. There always is. This picture will have to do for now.


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Saving the Day


Everyone seems to be trying to save humanity from its folly. Everyone. Every politician is truly trying to save America, no matter that he also wants to line his own pockets. Every patriot wanting to restore the Constitution wants the same thing, enlightenment for his fellows and prosperity for himself. Even the Preppers that hope for collapse think that their own survival will somehow benefit what’s left of the human race and that they will also enjoy some elbow room. Anyone trying to save America or humanity is just looking to better his own life, but mostly he’s blaming others for the difficulty of the path he chose. I’ve got my doubts about whether or not humanity should be saved. Past a few points of interest, most of life is a bore and not worth living.

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