Disaster Relief

Katrina was a watershed, the point in time when The American Mind™ decided, once and for all, that disaster relief is the government’s primary role*. The disaster doesn’t matter, it could be economic, weather, “terrorism”, old age, unemployment, road washouts, medical, fire, getting lost in the woods, you name it. From this point on, everyone could breathe easier, knowing that nothing is their fault, everyone is a victim of unforeseen circumstances, and the weight of responsibility for our choices needn’t burden our sagging shoulders.


Reverend Ike once famously said, “The best way to help the poor is to not become one of them.” Most of the silly ways that people react to “disaster” are just none of my damn business. But because I’m a carpenter, building structures is very much my damn business.


The best way to help hurricane victims or tornado victims or flood victims or forest fire victims is to not build flimsy, flammable shacks at or below historic water levels. That seems pretty obvious, but most builders are more concerned with getting permission from the building department than building the kind of shelter we might flee TO instead of FROM.


* Primary role, in addition to constant wars, meddling in the affairs of people worldwide, the granting of monopolies, the flushing of toilets, and the mileage of cars, ad infinitum……

Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Disaster Relief”

  1. muddome says:

    It’s insane that it costs so much to build a traditional type of house, yet they are so flimsy. I can’t imagine your place ever blowing over though!

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