Accident Ahead: Expect Delays

Here’s what caught my eye:


“…U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who was rushed to the emergency room at University Medical Center by his security detail”

 Harry has a “security detail”? I wonder how much that costs the ol’ taxpayers. But more important, why does Harry need a security detail?

“…dozens of investigators kept at least two northbound lanes of the busy freeway closed for 4½ hours, causing long backups through the afternoon as they combed the site “for every detail” and conducted what Highway Patrol Sgt. Kevin Honea called “forensic diagramming” to reconstruct the mishap.”

 This was a fender bender. No fatalities. Even frail, old Harry walked into the hospital on his own steam. “Dozens” of investigators?

“The Highway Patrol said six vehicles were involved: two U.S. Capitol Police vehicles, two Las Vegas police SWAT protection detail vehicles and two private vehicles not associated with Reid’s caravan.”

 Now mind you, these are just the vehicles involved in the accident. Report does not mention how many vehicles were in Harry’s entourage. But SWAT? Capitol Police?

“Shortly after Friday’s crash, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada shut down its live video feed from a traffic camera near the scene…..”If we think it needs to be suppressed, it can be shut down,” said Kevin, a FAST alert traffic technician who declined to provide his last name.”

 Somebody there was camera shy. Someone with clout.

While Harry was in the hospital, 10 local cops stood guard just outside. Inside, I’ll bet Harry was immediately tended to by a crowd of doctors . You gotta love ObamaCare.

For extra credit, read the comments in the news article. They kinda emphasize the deep and abiding hatred that Nevadans feel for the asshole they elected.

Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Accident Ahead: Expect Delays”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Only the best for our criminals in charge. No royalty in America they say? Coulda fooled me…

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