Ideas Are Bulletproof

Oleg Volk makes a point that is totally lost on his commenters:

“So our best bet is political proselytizing and raising the next generation to love freedom, and to respect the freedoms of others.”

The point he makes is that ideas trump markmanship. What he got in his comment section was mostly cold-dead-fingers blather and our-fine-military-and-police-would-never-shoot-at-us come the revolution. Like this:

I add that I (and, I believe, all decent Americans) find the idea of shooting at our soliders and policemen to be horrifying. The American GI isn’t a Hessian or a redcoat, sent by an effectively foreign government to oppress: he is most assuredly one of us. American policemen are not the Gestapo or Red Guards set to terrorize us into submission to a despot, but rather public servants who protect and serve the public.

And this:

Our service people … are not going to engage in mindless atrocities just because some politician or Flag officer told them to.

Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Ideas Are Bulletproof”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I don’t find anything horrifying about shooting someone who’s shooting at me. Nor am I so naive as to believe our “public servants” and/or soldiers would have any qualms over shooting at us if so directed. Jeez, where were these shmucks when Vicki Weaver was murdered? When the Branch Davidian property was burning to the ground? When death by cop for no good reason became commonplace? These idiots are in for a very rude awakening…

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