The Zombie Apocalypse And You

Let’s all get to prepping!

First things first. You gotta learn how to shoot.

Then you gotta be able to get to where something needs to be shot.

Or be ready to defend your home, in case “they” bring the fight to you.

Preparing for The Zombie Apocalypse is “extremism” on the prepping scale. Belief in that “extreme” prepping has something in common with belief in government and belief in religion: that our fellow men are “flawed”, but can be “improved,” either through I-Got-Mine-Selective-Thinning-Of-The-Herd, “lawful” caging, Sunday sermons, or a double tap. All beliefs are centered around the notion that only people who share your insanity are worthy of association and the rest should be exterminated. This world would instantly be a better place if only men would examine their beliefs. I’m hopeful.

The prepper concept of “tribes”, i.e., people who think exactly like you do(which is, of course, impossible), is as close as anyone seems to get to thinking about cooperating with fellow humans. Sad. I may not agree with you on much, but voluntarily cooperating with you as much as possible makes my life better than it would be if I were Robinson Crusoe on an island, and that voluntary cooperation is certainly what made man the dominant species on this planet. I’m willing to overlook your particular insanity, whether it be Constitution-thumping, voting, praying to your invisible cloud being, or stockpiling guns and ammo. I won’t even go into sexual orientation, country-of-origin, skin color, or how your mother dresses you funny.

So let’s assume I’m wrong, and every motherfucker on this planet is your sworn enemy. Then comes the day when “they” decide to act. Tell me how much you’d like to survive the Zombie Apocalypse by shooting your neighbors, then eating your stockpiled canned goods and living in isolation for the rest of your days. That ain’t no way to live. Shoot me first.

The point of this post is not to denigrate prepping for a weather disaster. That’s a good thing. But prepping to survive zombies, roving gangs, the 47%, or blue helmets is taking a dim view of your fellows. I’m not that cynical. Not yet, anyway.

Posted by Dave

This post took me several hours to write. I’m not eloquent or witty, words don’t effortlessly fly from my fingers, and to express even the simplest idea makes my brain smoke from the effort. I don’t write for you. I write to find out what I think. Sometimes it ain’t pretty. But there it is.


4 Comments on “The Zombie Apocalypse And You”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Move to a city and give it a few months. Your optimism will evaporate every day with the neck tattooed boom boom stereo at 3 AM ignorant asshole next door with the continuously barking at nothing dog(s) shithead who drives 60 MPH down a residential street while flipping you the bird for yelling at his stupid ass/dog/whatever then goes to buy his forty on YOUR dime because the groceries were bought with food stamps and the able bodied son of a bitch won’t work but thinks I owe him something because I do work…. Yeah, color me pissy because that’s the mood I’m in after the last… ten years. People suck. And there are zombies among us. They are generally referred to as the “public”. Or more specifically, the “electorate”…

    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the day-brightener! :-)

      Something I’ve noticed about people is that they wash up pretty good when they have to. When the 47% no longer have a government to do their robbing for them, I’m betting they’ll find it easier to get a job than shot at trying to do their own robbing. I could be wrong on that.


  2. muddome says:

    Examining one’s own beliefs takes effort. Definitely worth the effort for the individual, and has positive benefits for those around them too. Just imagine how different things could be if everyone spent 10 minutes engaged in this activity for every ten hours spent shopping or watching sports.

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