Somebody Tell Me Why

Why would anyone choose to live here:











When they could live here:

America is full of beautiful land like this, begging to be homesteaded and farmed. Instead, we bunch up in cities and live like bees or ants.

Posted by Dave.

7 Comments on “Somebody Tell Me Why”

  1. Wildflower says:

    because they want to be close to their freebie supppliers

  2. China says:

    Why indeed? I want to be able to shoot a 30-06 in any direction and hit nothing! Cookie cutter neighborhoods with home owners assc Hell on earth!


    • Hi China,

      I live in the middle of nowhere, and yet I have neighbors close by. I’d like to be able to shoot the damn rabbits eating my plants, but I can’t.

      As for homeowners associations and planned communities, I’d rather live in a tent along the river.


  3. Art says:

    You ask … why? Most common answer has gotta be “work”. Second most common, I’d bet, is “kids”. The “suburban sprawl lifestyle” is going on, what, three generations now? Maybe the last.
    Regarding the “homesteading ‘n farming”? Ma used to say, “I couldn’t wait to leave the farm and vowed I’d never go back. It’s a hard life.” In comparison, the 9-5 is a cakewalk. Theres a reason that homeless congregate in urban centers. It’s all about effort vs reward ratio.

    BTW, i’ve been trying to escape the burbs most my life.

    • Hi Art,

      You’re right, of course. Farming is a hard life, but these days it’s also pretty tough to find a job that pays the rent. I weep for the kids and their debt loads. There’s no way they can afford to buy a chunk of land, even if they have the ambition and brains to pull off the independent life.

      I’ve managed to live just outside of the ‘burbs most of my adult life. Whenever the ‘burbs overtake me, I move. I’ve always hated driving into the city for work, but what’s a carpenter to do?

      Just a forlorn howl, a plaintive wail and a gnashing of teeth.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Good comment. but, I believe is “live in a VAN do

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