Evolution, Baby!

This shit just comes to me. I can’t stop it.

Reason is the next step in human evolution. Sure, everyone thinks themselves “enlightened” by reason, me included. But truthfully, our feelings run us.

When a politician talks about how Americans are productive and self-sufficient, the belly purrs. When he tells us that his opponent wants to cut Social Security, the belly growls. And yet again, we get played.

Reason is a fleeting thing in humans, a temporary condition in even the brightest among us. Most of the time, we’re hostage to our beliefs; our beliefs in government, religion, the superiority of whatever group we “belong” to. There can be no other explanation for the existence of sports fans or political campaigns or tent revivals. And that is why “we” can’t escape the chains of our self-imposed enslavement.

For evolution to take us to the next step, reason will have to become the dominant locus of our actions. That won’t happen until reasonable actions are more successful than emotional actions. Evolution, baby.

Posted by Dave


5 Comments on “Evolution, Baby!”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I always wondered where sports fans came from :) Wish we could speed this evolution thing up a little…

    • Me too, Craig. All we need is to find a perfectly reasonable man and a perfectly reasonable woman, get ’em together makin’ babies, then voila! I’m not the guy–I’m old and batshit crazy. :-)


  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Here kitty kitty :)

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