Accident Ahead: Expect Delays

Here’s what caught my eye:


“…U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who was rushed to the emergency room at University Medical Center by his security detail”

 Harry has a “security detail”? I wonder how much that costs the ol’ taxpayers. But more important, why does Harry need a security detail?

“…dozens of investigators kept at least two northbound lanes of the busy freeway closed for 4½ hours, causing long backups through the afternoon as they combed the site “for every detail” and conducted what Highway Patrol Sgt. Kevin Honea called “forensic diagramming” to reconstruct the mishap.”

 This was a fender bender. No fatalities. Even frail, old Harry walked into the hospital on his own steam. “Dozens” of investigators?

“The Highway Patrol said six vehicles were involved: two U.S. Capitol Police vehicles, two Las Vegas police SWAT protection detail vehicles and two private vehicles not associated with Reid’s caravan.”

 Now mind you, these are just the vehicles involved in the accident. Report does not mention how many vehicles were in Harry’s entourage. But SWAT? Capitol Police?

“Shortly after Friday’s crash, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada shut down its live video feed from a traffic camera near the scene…..”If we think it needs to be suppressed, it can be shut down,” said Kevin, a FAST alert traffic technician who declined to provide his last name.”

 Somebody there was camera shy. Someone with clout.

While Harry was in the hospital, 10 local cops stood guard just outside. Inside, I’ll bet Harry was immediately tended to by a crowd of doctors . You gotta love ObamaCare.

For extra credit, read the comments in the news article. They kinda emphasize the deep and abiding hatred that Nevadans feel for the asshole they elected.

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Creating Jobs

“Left or right, it doesn’t matter; they say the same things. Obama says he’s going to create jobs; Romney says he’s going to create more jobs, and do it cheaper than Obama. Neither candidate believes that job creation is not a function of the federal government. They both believe that for every problem, there is a governmental solution.”

 Rich Hailey

Politicians want to “create jobs” because that’s the easiest way to milk the citizenry. They don’t give the slightest fuck about your happiness or your prosperity. That’s why R and O talk about jobs. And they both speak with the certainty that Jefferson isn’t standing in the back of the audience, horsewhip in hand.


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Ideas Are Bulletproof

Oleg Volk makes a point that is totally lost on his commenters:

“So our best bet is political proselytizing and raising the next generation to love freedom, and to respect the freedoms of others.”

The point he makes is that ideas trump markmanship. What he got in his comment section was mostly cold-dead-fingers blather and our-fine-military-and-police-would-never-shoot-at-us come the revolution. Like this:

I add that I (and, I believe, all decent Americans) find the idea of shooting at our soliders and policemen to be horrifying. The American GI isn’t a Hessian or a redcoat, sent by an effectively foreign government to oppress: he is most assuredly one of us. American policemen are not the Gestapo or Red Guards set to terrorize us into submission to a despot, but rather public servants who protect and serve the public.

And this:

Our service people … are not going to engage in mindless atrocities just because some politician or Flag officer told them to.

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There To Help

The growing ranks of the 47%.

Let’s go over why we need a government again:

1.  A safety net for The Poor™. Isn’t it misplaced sympathy to wring your hands over unfortunates, but not give the slightest fuck about who gets robbed to provide the alms? In a kinder, more considerate world, the government I live under would ask, “Dave, is now a convenient time to rob you?”

 2.  A war on [some] drugs. Let’s wave off all those deaths resulting from middle-of-the-night SWAT raids on the wrong address and just ask, do you really care if your neighbor smokes a little weed?

 3.  The TSA makes air travel safe. They’ve also made air travel so unpleasant that I, a former frequent flyer, now won’t get on a plane for ANY reason. I can’t imagine I’m the only person that feels that way, so I wonder what effect that has on the airline industry’s bottom line.

 4.  “Running” the economy. I think it’s fucking hilarious when some gasbag politician talks about “creating jobs.” I mean, the jobs they create usually involve high-handed extortion and an outrage to the dignity of the victim. Sorry, I’m not qualified or even interested in such a “job.”

 5.  Without a government, the criminals will run rampant. I’ll take my chances with random robbery any day over unlimited systematic robbery, also known as slavery.

 6.  Our armed forces keep us safe from foreign invaders. What difference does it make whether foreigners plunder us, or the government we live under plunders us into bankruptcy through constant wars on a noun? We’re still broke.

 7.  Without a government, who will build the roads? In the direction we’re going, we don’t need roads. Think North Korea, a country of modern governmental efficiency, to which the US government aspires. Unemployed citizens should walk. Good exercise.

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The Zombie Apocalypse And You

Let’s all get to prepping!

First things first. You gotta learn how to shoot.

Then you gotta be able to get to where something needs to be shot.

Or be ready to defend your home, in case “they” bring the fight to you.

Preparing for The Zombie Apocalypse is “extremism” on the prepping scale. Belief in that “extreme” prepping has something in common with belief in government and belief in religion: that our fellow men are “flawed”, but can be “improved,” either through I-Got-Mine-Selective-Thinning-Of-The-Herd, “lawful” caging, Sunday sermons, or a double tap. All beliefs are centered around the notion that only people who share your insanity are worthy of association and the rest should be exterminated. This world would instantly be a better place if only men would examine their beliefs. I’m hopeful.

The prepper concept of “tribes”, i.e., people who think exactly like you do(which is, of course, impossible), is as close as anyone seems to get to thinking about cooperating with fellow humans. Sad. I may not agree with you on much, but voluntarily cooperating with you as much as possible makes my life better than it would be if I were Robinson Crusoe on an island, and that voluntary cooperation is certainly what made man the dominant species on this planet. I’m willing to overlook your particular insanity, whether it be Constitution-thumping, voting, praying to your invisible cloud being, or stockpiling guns and ammo. I won’t even go into sexual orientation, country-of-origin, skin color, or how your mother dresses you funny.

So let’s assume I’m wrong, and every motherfucker on this planet is your sworn enemy. Then comes the day when “they” decide to act. Tell me how much you’d like to survive the Zombie Apocalypse by shooting your neighbors, then eating your stockpiled canned goods and living in isolation for the rest of your days. That ain’t no way to live. Shoot me first.

The point of this post is not to denigrate prepping for a weather disaster. That’s a good thing. But prepping to survive zombies, roving gangs, the 47%, or blue helmets is taking a dim view of your fellows. I’m not that cynical. Not yet, anyway.

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This post took me several hours to write. I’m not eloquent or witty, words don’t effortlessly fly from my fingers, and to express even the simplest idea makes my brain smoke from the effort. I don’t write for you. I write to find out what I think. Sometimes it ain’t pretty. But there it is.

Somebody Tell Me Why

Why would anyone choose to live here:











When they could live here:

America is full of beautiful land like this, begging to be homesteaded and farmed. Instead, we bunch up in cities and live like bees or ants.

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This is Richard Mitchell in 1982, setting type for an issue of The Underground Grammarian, of which I was a subscriber for ten years. Richard died in 2002. I miss him.

 · The Underground Grammarian — Richard Mitchell ·

“If you cannot be the master of your language, you must be its slave. If you cannot examine your thoughts, you have no choice but to think them, however silly they may be.”

“It is an obvious but simple distinction–though rarely made–that there are some things that we can do because we are humanity, and some things that we can do because we are persons, and that there is some radical and absolute difference between the two classes of things. They do not overlap. A person can no more invade Normandy than an army can play the violin.”

“We are warned in schools–well, maybe in some schools–against what is generally called “generalization.” Generalizations often name many minds and then go on to speak as though they were a mind. Right from the start, they speak of what is not, for the Italians can not believe one thing and the Belgians another. Only a person can believe or think–or feel, for that matter. And when we undertake to talk about what is not, we are in danger of falling into nonsense and talking rubbish.

But the warning against generalization is ordinarily provided not for intellectual reasons but for social reasons. It is certainly true that vague generalization provides an easy way to insult lots of people all at once without having to prove anything, but it also provides an easy way to praise or flatter lots of people all at once without having to prove anything.”

Richard Mitchell

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