Saving The Country

Like watching a bad comedian. Or two.

“We’ve got to save the country.”

 “Higher unemployment, declining incomes and crushing debt is not a new normal. It is a result of misguided policies”

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan


First off, does anyone know what the fuck “policies” are? If policies are laws, why not say so and call them laws? And if they are laws, regime change doesn’t seem to have any affect on them. The new whipholder embraces all the old laws and hollers for even more new ones. Remember “Hope and Change” and how little of either we got?


Posted by Dave


6 Comments on “Saving The Country”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Double face palm indeed. Oh but the elephants will rejoice in their new saviors: champions of CONNEDservatism (and neither of which is really “conservative”, especially in the fiscal sense) who will ride in on white stallions and make everything “right” again. Ugh, I think I’ll trade the face palm for banging my head on a brick wall…

  2. Wildflower says:

    neither party is going to take credit for making bad policy, laws, and other crapola…..

    one party will just blame the other party

    and of course they will “fix things” but never admit to “breaking things” that they going “to fix”

    it is a bloody circus with rabid monkees and killer clowns

    not even using nukes can you save the nation……..

    • Wildflower,

      Word up. Isn’t it insane that the vast majority of people think we need these “public servants”? When you’re in a room full of lunatics, it’s pointless to try and get them to understand that they’re insane. Best to just quietly exit.


      • Wildflower says:

        am in agreement

        that is why am giving files on a stick and other kinds of help to those whom need to survive better

        and the rest ride the rail into hell…….

  3. Art says:

    Ahhh … the “normalcy bias” run deep out there in the main stream.

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