Class Warfare

From Bartcop: (Bart is hugely entertaining, but he leans a bit to the left. No matter, I enjoy reading his blog.)

Okay, my turn. Exactly HOW are huge tax thefts of “The Wealthy” (a.k.a., not you or me) supposed to fix this situation? At this point some would say that robbing the wealthy will allow the government to operate for another 34 minutes, which will certainly sprout the green shoots of a recovery. No, no, a REAL recovery this time.

Here’s another vexing thought. The Deficit, it’s huge, right? Deficit implies borrowing, right? Stay with me here. Who exactly borrowed this money, and from whom? Who put their name to paper, as the responsible party of repayment? And what idiot would loan money to an OBVIOUSLY overextended borrower? And why exactly does the geographical accident of my birth here make me responsible for a debt I never asked for?

Posted by Dave


4 Comments on “Class Warfare”

  1. muddome says:

    YES!!! Oh man I wish more pepole would start asking these simple questions. The answers are simple too, just hard to believe at first because they are the opposite of everything we are trained to believe. Keep it coming Dave!

  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    That last question is the 800 pound gorilla the PTB keeps chained up in a cage…

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