Curing All The Ills, One Foot Up Your Ass At A Time

My homeboy, Bettin’ Barry, telling his posse that Obamacare is here to stay.

Uninsured care makes up about 55% of hospital costs, and those costs are passed on to insurance companies, who in turn pass them on to their insureds in the form of higher premiums.  In addition, the government – federal and state – reimburse hospitals about 50% of those costs using our tax dollars.

Mandating that everyone have insurance would relieve that problem.

Those who do not have coverage will be required to pay a yearly financial penalty of the greater of $695 per person (up to a maximum of $2,085 per family), or 2.5% of household income…

Mario Piperni

Some points. If “solving” any lack is as simple as requiring, under threat of fine or prison, a purchase by the lackers, then just think of the problems we could “solve.” Homelessness (Force everyone to buy a home), Joblessness (Force everyone to hire somebody), Savings-lessness (Force everyone to put money in the bank), Lack of “legal” population (Force natural-born citizens to marry an illegal and procreate), Lack of a good take-out Chinese restaurant (Force all Chinese-Americans to open a restaurant). You get the picture.

Oh, and furthermore, watcha’ bet that “2.5% of household income” gets bigger and bigger?

Posted by Dave


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