Improving Government

Have you ever in your life seen a politician who actually voted for LESS government? They all tell you they want less, but the proof of the pudding is in “policy.” Policy = practical application of twisted ideology.

Republicans ALWAYS want less government, unless the sublect is pot laws or abortion or nudity or a thousand other subjects where the crazy bastards want MORE government.



To the above Bartcop quote I might add war. Republicans love them some war.  As to the Romney-slam pic, I’d like to add this:

Problem of funding fire departments?

Solution: Stop building structures with flammable sticks.

Problem of funding “education?”

Solution: Teach your children yourselves. You’ll do a better job anyway.

Problem of funding constant war?

Solution: Quit startin’ ’em.


Yep, summertime’s here and the living is easy. Always a quick keyboard solution. One of my strengths is the ability to identify a problem and mull its solution. Here I consider the problem of  US government oppression and malfeasance, and mull various solutions:

Path #1: Vote out the rascals.

Problem with #1: New rascals won’t fix the problem.

Path #2: Join an angry mob heading to DC with pitchforks and torches.

Problem with #2: Without the sympathy of police and military, you don’t stand a chance.

Path #3:  Organize local resistance.

Problem with #3: Freedom can’t be “organized.” Only tyranny can.

Path #4: Seek frontier.

Problem with #4: No land frontiers left on earth.

Path #5: Get your preps on, and watch the world collapse around you.

Problem with #5: If you run out of popcorn, things might get tedious.


Posted by Dave. It is what it is.


2 Comments on “Improving Government”

  1. Art says:

    No easy answers, eh?
    I’ve thought for awhile that a wide-spread tax strike would do the trick.
    Few of the Apparatchiks would continue showing up without a paycheck.

    • Hi Art,

      That would be effective, but implementation would be problematic. Organization would be tough, and the first strikers would be made example of. We’d also have to switch to barter or gold/silver, because printing a trillion FRN’s to meet payroll doesn’t bother “them” a bit.


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