The Quiet People

Something I notice all bloggers share, especially on the topic of freedom, is critical examination of the thoughts of 300 million people. “I know exactly what they’re all thinking, and only I have enough penetrating insight to repair their busted brains.” I’m certainly guilty of that.

I enjoy a good rant, but I notice the quiet people too. Do the quiet people have strong, unannounced feelings? Do they, too, long for freedom, but realize the contradiction of forcing freedom, at gunpoint, on fellow slaves?

Get to the point, Dave. The point is, that I don’t know what you think. Sometimes I’m not sure you do. About what you think I can only guess. As for me, writing is a good way to discover what I think; I’m always surprised by what falls on the page. A good start. Keep blogging. It just might save the Republic.


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