What’s To Do?

I think humans are a strange bunch. The one thing I have in common with all humankind is my sincere conviction that all other humans are clearly insane. The problem with humans is not that they are predatory, evil or morally depraved. The problem is their beliefs.

The tightness to which you clutch to your breast a belief system, either governmental or religious, is a measure of your insanity. Consensus might make you feel better, but include me out of your desire for a perfect Christian Police State Democracy. Why do you feel a compelling need for codified morality? Is your “safety” worth the systematic robbery and kidnapping that the Police State seems to excel at? Well, just in case you need Underground Carpenter to solve your every problem, here goes:

Don’t like murderers? Then don’t let anyone kill you. Don’t like robbers? Don’t let anyone rob you. Think roads are “necessary”? Go ahead and build one. Or if someone else builds a road that you’d like to use, pay him to use it. Think retirement is a good idea? Start saving. Want a shelter? Build one. If it falls down or burns, build it again; this time use strong materials that won’t burn. Want to engage in a trade or profession? Find someone willing to pay you to do what you love doing. Want to eat? Grow some food, or pay someone to grow it for you.

Any more questions?

Posted by Dave


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