Galt’s Gulch, Pacific Ocean Version

“This is such a cool, clever, innovative idea. Wonder how long before the feds hit it with a drone strike?”

Claire Wolfe

Instead of just a cruise ship, how about a huge, floating city, with gardens. I like this idea.


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Ten Camels Richer

Al Shabab’s Fuad Muhammad Khalaf said: “Whoever reveals the hideout of the idiot Obama will be rewarded with 10 camels, and whoever reveals the hideout of the old woman Hillary Clinton will be rewarded 10 chickens and 10 roosters.”

I could use a few good camels. OK Fuad, start gathering those camels. My Google search reveals:

White House particulars

As for the whereabouts of “the old woman Hillary Clinton”, I haven’t a clue. But damn, I sure could use those chickens.

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I think it’s time to chill.



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Sipping From A Teacup

An excellent product! Available at all polling stations!

Vote the rascals out? I just wanna pinch your rosy cheeks! You’re a bit more optimistic than I am. Voting is what got us into this mess.


A prime example of the pointlessness of voting is the last Presidential election. The majority of Americans were, and still are, lividly opposed to the endless wars, the Fed financing of which caused the Great Depression 2. Obama was elected because, unlike his opponent, he said that he might kinda consider thinking about maybe perhaps possibly ending a war or two. Hope and Change, even if they were just vague hints, got him elected. And in spite of that groundswell of opposition to the wars which are draining the government coffers, Obammy ramped the military UP. So much for Democracy.


Hell, if I could invent a static generator and invisibility ray, I’d be all John Galt and shit, talking people who don’t mind working into joining me at The Gulch. Until then, all I can do is watch the show and deal with others as I would like to be dealt with.


Government is slavery. Alway has been, even in spite of the flowery words of the revered Founders. But if you want freedom, then why sip from a teacup when we can drink from the river?


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And Furthermore …

“Every tortured heart and oppressed soul begs for us to shine, to bring them our freedom, our liberty…”


Some further aimless woolgathering:

So you might think that the recent endless wars are perhaps not justified. If only we could bask again in the endless wars of 70 years past, quaffing some serious tonic of moral adventure.

Here’s some points:

1.  Every war impoverishes both “sides”.

2.  No occupation ever lasted.

3.  No President can resist using a standing army.

4.  Without police and soldiers, it’d be a hell of a lot easier to say “fuck you” to politicians and their endless laws.

5.  Government is a codified belief system, no different, in principle, than Catholicism or Mormonism. It matters not whether your kid is groped by the TSA or by a Bishop.


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What’s To Do?

I think humans are a strange bunch. The one thing I have in common with all humankind is my sincere conviction that all other humans are clearly insane. The problem with humans is not that they are predatory, evil or morally depraved. The problem is their beliefs.

The tightness to which you clutch to your breast a belief system, either governmental or religious, is a measure of your insanity. Consensus might make you feel better, but include me out of your desire for a perfect Christian Police State Democracy. Why do you feel a compelling need for codified morality? Is your “safety” worth the systematic robbery and kidnapping that the Police State seems to excel at? Well, just in case you need Underground Carpenter to solve your every problem, here goes:

Don’t like murderers? Then don’t let anyone kill you. Don’t like robbers? Don’t let anyone rob you. Think roads are “necessary”? Go ahead and build one. Or if someone else builds a road that you’d like to use, pay him to use it. Think retirement is a good idea? Start saving. Want a shelter? Build one. If it falls down or burns, build it again; this time use strong materials that won’t burn. Want to engage in a trade or profession? Find someone willing to pay you to do what you love doing. Want to eat? Grow some food, or pay someone to grow it for you.

Any more questions?

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