Random Thoughts

Why do people retire? I think it feels good to exercise a skill, interact with other humans, and get paid. Why would I want to stop?


If this is a nation of sheeple, why are there millions in prison for disobeying authority? Why do drivers risk speeding tickets? Looks to me like a nation of scofflaws.


Why do people believe? All belief systems are human inventions, and as such they lack physical “proof.” Ask me why I don’t “believe” in God or government and I have to say it’s for the same reason I don’t believe in Bigfoot. I’ve never seen one.


Why do people vote? It is clearly making things worse. And the more people gripe about government, the more brutishly powerful it becomes. Vexing.


Why do some people find learning exciting, and others hiss at it like a vampire in front of a cross?


Why do some bloggers use white letters on a black page? And why do some autocadders do likewise with white lines on a black screen? I find it unnatural and difficult to read.


What is the big deal with FaceBook? It just seems like a restricted-access blog to me. I find it incomprehensible and my attempt to learn about it was met with one thousand prying questions, to which I made bullshit answers. I never did figure out how to “use” FaceBook, which makes me feel really stupid. I mean, every goddamn four-year-old on this planet has a FaceBook “page”, or whatever you call it.


Why do some bloggers blather on and fucking on, and others leave you wishing they were more wordy?


2 Comments on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Mudd says:

    Just found you, enjoy your rantings. You hit the nail for me about not believing anything…sep for bigfoot, saw one so I guess I have to believe that. Keep it up, I’m a fan, I want more!

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