Out Of Thin Air

Here Larken Rose makes a point that I’ve wondered about for years. Why indeed does Congress farm out its counterfeiting duties?
My thinking is, if Congress cut out the middleman, they could counterfeit their brains out, interest free, shoot-the-works. Imagine that, no more mega-trillion-dollar “national debt.” No more hand-wringing pundits producing pie-charts showing that the national debt would be so much less if only so-and-so would do this-or-that. Want to launch another expensive war, throw some “stimulus” out there, or promise a voting block some cool swag? Fuckin’ print it yourself! Amazing.

Posted by Dave


4 Comments on “Out Of Thin Air”

  1. saddletramp says:

    I’ll disagree with Mr. Larkin on one point. I have seen this (how the Fed creates money) discussed in the mainstream media. The point being, that the scenario is discussed as entirely normal. It’s “How we do business” and “How our economy works”. You and I may view the Fed as banking cartel robbing the citizenry by the abrogation of their duties by our elected officials, however, that is a distinctly fringe view not shared by the MSM and “public-at-large”. The public may be coming around to changing their mind. Keep in mind that it’s all a “faith-based” system.

    • Hi Art,

      After your comment, I re-read my words. It looks like I put words in his mouth, so I’ll change the post a little.

      Yes, most people think the Fed is “How our economy works”, and they can’t imagine life without a monopoly counterfeiter. The conspiracy hackles on my neck stood up the first time I read that the Fed is without oversight or audit. And have you ever read the FAQ on the Fed’s own website, the question about who owns the Fed? Not only does it not answer the question, it left me dizzy.


      • saddletramp says:

        Not only read that … downloaded their handy pdf pamphlets. A lot of circular reasoning, techno-jargon and unadulterated crap. Loved, loved, loved watching Bernanke refusing to answer questions posed by Congress regarding “Who’d ya give money to, Ben?” “How much?” The underlying question to be answered is “What is wealth?” Money is merely a token of it. You own a house, right? To really get your wheels spinnin’ look up allodial title / land ownership.

      • Hi Art,

        Had to look up “allodial title”, even though I took a college course in land surveying a few years ago, where different ownership “levels” were explained. Yep, there’s no such thing as absolute ownership–we’re just renting from the government, the real owner.

        The Ben Bernanke is merely a figurehead. The guys calling the shots are the hidden owners of the Fed.


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