“As Corrupt As Can Be”

Where do I start?

Lepage Corrupt

PORTLAND, Maine — At a town hall-style meeting in Newport on Thursday night, Republican Gov. Paul LePage was asked why there are so many fees associated with getting a cosmetologist license.

In response, the governor said state government is too big and too costly and that the state workforce is part of the problem. LePage told the crowd that he has control over appointed state workers, but has little authority over middle managers and other unionized state employees.

“The problem is, middle management of the state is about as corrupt as can be,” LePage said in remarks first reported by MaineToday Media.


The host, no longer robust with endless stamina, is stumbling. The parasites are looking for any healthy tissue remaining. Above, see picture of top parasite. The top parasite wishes he had “more control.”

Maine State Employees Association President Ginette Rivard said state employees are “honest public servants” and that she was unaware of any corruption within the ranks of state government.

“These public workers do important work for all Maine people,” Rivard said. “For Gov. LePage to call them `corrupt’ is baseless and insulting to every public worker who has dedicated their lives to making Maine a great place to live, work and raise a family.”


The parasites think they are benefitting the host. The only question remaining: When will the host fall for the last time, unable to get up, breathing its last shallow gasps of air?

Posted by Dave


4 Comments on ““As Corrupt As Can Be””

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    This host is almost there. Time for a flea dip…

    • Hi Craig,

      Thomas Jefferson’s quote comes to mind: “Those fleas are best that bother least.”

      Of course, things would be much better without any fleas at all, but people just love their fleas and can’t imagine life without them.


  2. saddletramp says:

    Shouldn’t be long now. Would love to see a statistic on how many people BORROW money to fulfill their tax obligation.

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