Fuck George AND Trayvon

The World waits with hushed silence for my thoughts on the over-reported, over-blogged, over-commented situation in Sanford, Florida. So here it is:

If GZ hadn’t gone looking for trouble, he wouldn’t have found it. Classic thug, cop wannabe. Nobody I’d want for a neighbor.

If TM had left his hoodie at home, pulled his pants up, tucked in his shirt, and turned his ball cap straight, he might still be alive. If you look like a gang-banger, expect to be treated as one.

This is just a tragic tale of two assholes who found eachother, with predictable results. I don’t weep for either one. And I sure am tired of hearing about it.

Posted by Dave


6 Comments on “Fuck George AND Trayvon”

  1. China says:



  2. saddletramp says:

    Damn! Sounds like you’ve had enough of this particular soap opera!
    It’s a much easier story to fill air with, than, oh, i dunno, the looting of the treasury, the shredding of the constitution, the total disintegration of the “rule of law”. Nobody wants to talk about that shit.

    But it does keep the peons distracted. Race War! Eleventy!!

  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself : )

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