Who Will Do These Things?

The arguments against freedom all seem to boil down to a question of who will provide all the services our government now provides. Notice I didn’t use snarky quotation marks around any of the words in the first sentence. That’s because I’d like to genuinely answer the following questions:

1.  In a state of pure freedom (anarchy), who will provide for my security, currently provided by police, courts, military, etc…?

Answer: You will.

2.  In a state of freedom, who will educate my children?

Answer: You will.

3.  In a state of freedom, who will help the poor?

Answer: You will.

4.  In a state of freedom, who will build the roads?

Answer: You will.

5.  In a state of freedom, without codified morality, i.e., laws, who will decide what is right or wrong?

Answer: You will.

6.  In a state of freedom, who will provide for me in my old age, or if I should become incapacitated?

Answer: You will.

I know what you’re thinking. Damn, Dave, that sure seems like a lot of work. Couldn’t we form a government to help out with some of that list? But the trade-off, the cost if you will, is that you lose your freedom. I don’t mind a little work, but I damn sure mind having my legs shackled. I think I could handle most of the above list.

Posted by Dave


5 Comments on “Who Will Do These Things?”

  1. China says:

    Right on!


  2. Hi China,

    More government makes life harder. Seems like it’d be a hell of a lot easier to do this stuff ourselves.


  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    DOn’t need cops, I have guns and plenty of ammo. Cops won’t “protect” me from an intruder, but they sure would arrest me for blasting one were it not for the castle doctrine. Firemen? Don’t need them. All they do is add water damage to the fire damage. I am savvy enough to prevent fire in the first place. As far as “shit happens” goes, well that’s what insurance used to be for until their lobbysists successfully eliminated most of the shit. Now I rent and could give a shit less what happens to this house… The roads around here resemble Berlin circa 1945, so not much love for the city street dept. I could do a better job with some caliche and a maintainer… Water? I lovingly refer to our water as Corpus Christi chunky water. I could dig four feet down in my yard and find better. A solar still for the drinking stuff (plenty of sunshine down here), and a Berkey filter for the cloudy days. Sewer? Okay I’ll concede that one since I live in a fairly densely populated area with a high water table. Now just take all those bullshit extra “fees” and such off the bill and just charge me the actual cost of the collection, treatment, and disposal of the actual amount of waste water I generate. None of this “winter averaging” bullcrap, and charging me per square foot of drainage for a freakin’ DITCH that runs 100 yards to the Laguna Madre. A ditch that I mow, by the way… I could go on and on, but what’s the point. Nobody is listening but the same small crowd…

    • Hi Craig,

      And how much more disappointed in your fellow Americans would you be if you were, say, Lysander Spooner or Henry David Thoreau or Jefferson, looking down from heaven and seeing zero evidence that anyone read your words?

      For technology, knowledge “stacks”. We stand on the shoulders of giants to make more and more complicated gizmos. If each new generation had to discover electricity, I doubt I’d be typing this on a computer. But philosophy never seems to advance. No one stands on Ayn Rand’s shoulders and takes it from there.

      (I’m staring thickly at my screen right now, thinking that I might have said something important.)


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