Illegal Raccoon

Man arrested for keeping raccoon


ANIMAL INFORCEMENT: An Arizona Game & Fish Department vehicle rests on Long Avenue in Original Bullhead, just down the street from the home of Stan Morris, who was arrested Wednesday morning after Game and Fish officials determined he had been illegally keeping a raccoon as a pet for the past several months. His pet raccoon, “Sonny,” will be taken to a Phoenix-area wildlife center, and is expected to eventually become part of the Phoenix Zoo’s educational outreach program once Morris’ case has been adjudicated.

Stan Morris, 57, was arrested at his home in the 100 block of Long Ave. after officers with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, with help from the Bullhead City police, searched the home following credible reports that Morris had been keeping a raccoon as a pet for several months. According to Game and Fish Wildlife Management Supervisor Velma Holt, Morris had been observed in recent weeks in public with the raccoon perched upon his shoulder.

 “A Bullhead City PD officer actually contacted us saying he was out patrolling in that area and happened to see this guy walking down the street with a raccoon on his shoulder,” Holt said. “At that time we started looking into it, doing some surveillance.”

JAMES CHILTON/Mohave Daily News

Oh, the horror! Illegal raccoon-keeping! Is there no depth the citizenry won’t plumb?

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8 Comments on “Illegal Raccoon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Bad guy! Needs game wardens and police to remove the poor raccoon from his possession. Our tax dollars at work! My husband had a pet coon when he was a kid. No harm was done to him or his 5 siblings. Idiots.

    • If the fellow was carrying the raccoon on his shoulder, the ‘coon probably wasn’t dangerous. But a search warrant and arrest? Kinda makes you wonder what else is illegal, seeing’s how ignorance is no excuse.


  2. China says:

    WTF,our Tax dollars at work.I personally feel so much safer knowing this heinous Criminal has been stopped from Illegal pet owning. I am so proud to be an American right now tears are welling up! Fish and Game and local LEOS? Fucking idiots Seriously surveillance for a fucking Raccoon.? Yep we are swirling in the bowl…


    • Hi China,

      “I am so proud to be an American right now tears are welling up!”

      That’s funny right there! I guess the “lesson” we’re supposed to learn from this is to constantly wet our pants in fear that we might be breaking a law.


  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    My buddy’s Grandpa had a ‘coon. Built a very nice, two story enclosure on the back of his house with a dead tree inside for climbing on. That ‘coon lived the high life there, eating like a ‘coon king. It’s not like the buggers are endangered or anything, we have a bunch of those pesky critters around here…

    Worse than being arrested for having a raccoon as a pet, has seen fit to “confiscate” private property in the form of “exotic” animals. Many Texas landowners have critters like nilgai antelope, oryx, spring bock, etc. on their land, and breed them. They sell hunts for these exotics, and roll the profits back into their breeding programs. Well now the government says that these animals are “protected”, and can’t be hunted without a federal “permit”. So folks who’ve invested tremendous amounts of money into their animals are being told what they can or can’t do with them. Never mind that the population of some of these animals in Texas EXCEEDS the wild population left in Africa. Never mind that some of these breeders have actually shipped animals BACK to Africa to aid in population recovery.

    My blood pressure is spiking and my “sailorese” is fixin’ to come out…

    • Hi Craig,

      The irony of this particular story is that the Fish & Game people are constantly pulling pet crocodiles out of the Colorado River, and I’ve never once heard of anyone being surveilled, search-warranted, or arrested for losing their croc. The last time this happened, the croc belonged to a travelling petting zoo. Seems a strange choice for such an endeavor, but I don’t recall any kind of “citation” being issued.


  4. Art says:

    What? No SWAT team?

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