Deeds Without Doers

Dude. I mean, really.

“… lenders who sold loans to people who couldn’t afford them, buyers who bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford and banks that packaged and traded bad mortgages to reap phantom profits.

These actions triggered the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, and the housing crisis remains the single biggest drag on our recovery.”

Barack Obama

Dude. The housing “crisis” is just a side distraction. The real cause of economic distress in America is the endless wars and worldwide garrisons financed with inflated scrip. A drain on the old coffers by a Ponzi-scheme, Socialist-Security giveaway is a close second. These two accounting items remain the “biggest drag on our recovery.”

Dem ole debil banks! And all those unnamed lenders and buyers. Actions triggered crisis. Deeds without doers. Let’s fix that. Since you, Barry, are alleged to be the Commander-in-Chief of the US military, you could stop most of the red ink instantly by telling the boys to come home. It’s not Bush’s fault anymore; now it’s yours.

Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Deeds Without Doers”

  1. China says:

    Dave,if ya beat me to Gitmo send out a message with the guards me an Mayberry n Ken couple of others come get ya out! Its ok Janet he meant its all Bushs fault damn Bro.


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