When They Have To

The ostensive purpose of codified laws is to force people to act against their natural inclination to “misbehave.” This presupposes that people are unable or unwilling to behave morally. A consequence of law is that people will follow the law instead of deciding for themselves what actions are moral. I’m guessing, although I admit it’s just a guess, that people will do their own thinking when they have to. I base this on observations of fellow carpenters. If you load up a carpenter with new responsibilities, most will perform them with aplomb. but they won’t take on new responsibilities without a little push from the necessity to think for themselves. 


Some thoughts:


Trying to return our government to its Constitutional limits is like putting the toothpaste back in the tube.


“Conservatives” talking about socialist schemes to “redistribute wealth” implies that it was “distributed” in the first place. WTF?


The majority of people in any country just want to work to produce enough for their wants. They care nothing for war.


If everyone in the military said, “Screw this! I’m going home!”, war would end immediately.


So the US is a country of “laws, not men?” Then why is the choice of whipholder so important? Why is everyone looking to elect a good and kind master that lets us have a square-dance on Saturday night?


I wince whenever someone talks about the President “running the country” or “managing the economy”. Isn’t he supposed to run a government? I sure as hell don’t need anyone to “run” or “manage” my life.


Posted by Dave


5 Comments on “When They Have To”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Given as how the crime rate seems to be higher among politicians and bureaucrats than it is in the general population, it is they who need someone (us) holding the whip over them. You’re right, most folks just want to live in peace. It’s a shame we allow those “government” criminals to run roughshod over us…

  2. Art says:

    Excellent points Dave.
    Disagree here …If everyone in the military said, “Screw this! I’m going home!”, war would end immediately. History shows that “states” will “draft” unwilling subjects. If necessary, they’ll cut out the “enemy” middleman and kill ’em themselves to to give “incentive” to the unwilling.
    also …
    The MF Global kerfuffle is being used as a current proof that the US is no longer a nation of laws. See http://youtu.be/7-6dO0SQB3U

    And yup, a President can’t “manage the economy” anymore than they can “manage the weather”

    • Hi Art,

      Draftees are notoriously reluctant to murder fellow human beings. Without grunts to do the heavy lifting, war is just not possible. My peace fantasy is moot anyway, because there is an endless supply of young clods eager to travel halfway around the world to murder strangers.

      Good Ann Barnhardt video. She knows her stuff, and I seldom disagree with her on economics. But when it comes to religion, she’s fruit loops.


      • Art says:

        Agreed! When she does the high ‘n mighty dive into the deep end of the “Onward Christian Soldier” pool (Die Muslim Die!) I’ve gotta click away. I’m sorry, but ummm, Crusades 2.0? Really?

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