Why Freedom?


Why freedom? It seems axiomatic. It just feels right. Who would advocate slavery? And yet, preferring freedom is just an opinion, really.

Feel free to disagree with me, but the fundamental argument in America right now is whether we should have more or less government. Government is a restriction of freedom, so any government except self-government is slavery. You might argue that government is a “good” slavery, and much better than whipping-you-in-the-cotton-fields slavery. I think any amount of slavery is intolerable, irrespective of whether or not “we” get to vote for the whip holder. So you can imagine what I think of my neighbors eagerly trotting to the polls to decide how long my chains should be. If ever there was a candidate that favored driving the entire government into the sea, I might vote for him.

On the way home from work, I sometimes listen to right-wing hate radio. (I’d also listen to left-wing hate radio if ever I found some.) Hannity and Levin, mostly. Both of them share a fondness for The Constitution, The Bible, hatred for Muslim infidels, a large standing army, and God; not necessarily in that order. They base their argument for freedom on greater prosperity, reduced irritation, this or that, whatever. But what if freedom was less prosperous than slavery? What if freedom was more irritating than slavery? Would you still want to unlock those shackles? I would, but for a different reason than you might expect. I think freedom is more interesting. I find standing in line at the department of motor vehicles, a typical government-imposed activity, is intolerably boring.

Posted by Dave


6 Comments on “Why Freedom?”

  1. Art says:

    Nice post Dave.
    Interesting view of freedom.

    One of my favorite reads on the topic is Gerry Spence’s “From Freedom to Slavery”.

    One thing I’ve begun to believe … is that freedom must be fought for and safe guarded. . By every generation. There are no other options. There are far too many humanoids that believe that “ruling others” is the way to utopia.
    By fight I mean that nasty “Fuck off” NO! ” and “OH HELL NO!” kind of dialog.

    I don’t care if they wear a blue tie, or a red tie, they all (politicians) mean to rule me.
    The Red Tie Party sometimes talks a good Freedom game … then actually legislates in a very fascist mode using double-speak to name and promote their totalitarian laws with “freedom loving flavor crystals” sprinkled on top.

    Boredom is the least of my worries. Habituation to incremental slavery is my concern.

    • Hi Art,

      “freedom loving flavor crystals”

      I like that! Sums it up perfectly. It’s sad that humans seem to need a pecking order. If only we’d learn to snarl, and if necessary, rip out throats, in response to government peckers. That’s what it would take, at a minimum, to keep freedom. But to gain freedom right now, you’d have to fight too many, including neighbors and family.

      I’ve fantasized about “taking over” a county, state, or banana republic. But the idea of “forcing” people to accept freedom seems hypocritical and wrong. The Galt’s Gulch idea is appealing, but I haven’t a clue how to power an invisibility beam with a static generator. Oh well. I’ll continue to brood about freedom in the still watches of the night.


  2. China says:

    Hey Dave! Yep BMV oh hang on ,Hi Janet!!! Yep BMV sucks just one more item on a long list!But don’t worry at least we will finally get that colony on the moon.


    • Hi China,

      I like the moon colony idea. I just don’t think anyone should be forced to pay for it. But coercion doesn’t seem to bother Newtie or any of the other fuckers.

      As for Janet, I would gladly help finance a trip to space for the purpose of blowing her out of an airlock, just like Sigourney Weaver did to the Alien Queen Bug.


  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Like I said before, I would take them out to sea. Maybe on a nice cruise ship skippered by that Italian moron from the headlines last week. Weld all the doors closed and pull the plug. Glug glug glug… See ya!

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