Can’t Fool A Dog

H/T to Claire

Police dog biting police officer

Dogs know. My late son Ralph, in addition to being the best watchdog ever, was also an excellent judge of character. If Ralph backed up and growled low in the presence of a stranger, I knew I had a situation. If Ralph gently walked over to and briefly sniffed and nuzzled a stranger, he’d look back at me to say “This guy’s OK.”

In the movie Terminator, people used dogs to sniff out terminators. Truth in fiction. I’m not sure whether it’s a lightning-fast estimation of body movements or a sixth sense, but dogs are so good at character estimation that I trust them over people to decide the worth of a person. And I’ve never met a “dog-person” that I didn’t like.


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4 Comments on “Can’t Fool A Dog”

  1. Art says:

    There’s dog people. Then there’s Dog People. For insight to the capitalized version view “Best in Show”. Hilarious.

    Dog owners can be broken into two major camps. Those that are able to train themselves enough to have well behaved dogs. And all the rest.

    Sit? Stay? Down? If your mutt will listen and obey these simple commands, then I know that you as owner have common sense, consistently applied, for the common good of all present.

    Untrained, ill-behaved, unsocial animals typically have dogs that behave the same.

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