Is it better to drive them into the sea or laugh them off the stage?

As for the current crop of wannabe kings, ridicule and humiliation don’t seem to work. I think I know why. It’s a hard thing to examine our beliefs, especially our most closely-held beliefs. That examination can only be done by the power of language; a mind, quietly asking and answering in turn, questioning everything and making finer and finer distinctions. A careful weighing of words should be all it takes to dismiss ALL of the ruling class, but we cling to our belief that if only we could chuck out the rotters, then, by God, we’d get the government we deserve. Sad to say, we already have the government we deserve.


Posted by Dave


7 Comments on “Choices”

  1. Art says:

    Examine their beliefs? Ha! There’s the nut! What do they REALLY believe?

    The revelations provided by FBI wiretaps of Govenor-soon-to-be-behind-bars Blagojevich are most illuminating. The political class has a wide-spread belief that “we the people” are truly sheep to be shorn. Nothing but a resource of the ruling class to be used for their ends.

    If history teaches us anything, nothing but FORCE will dislodge the rotters, crooks and snake-oil salesmen.

  2. Hi Art,

    OK, but can we quietly ask and answer in turn before we quietly tar and feather their asses? I have no problem with answering force with force. Where shall we start?


    • Art says:

      Where to start … where to start?
      Here’s what I’m doing … I’m going to the voting booth every chance I get. I’m casting anti incumbent votes every time I can. Just to try and flush out the cesspool.
      Secondarily … I’m considering a tax protest. Gonna look at the numbers. I know I will owe. I don’t know if I’ll pay.
      That’s about it.
      Oh … and reloading. Lots of reloading.

      • Hi Art,

        About voting, I’m not so sure, but I love the tax protest idea and lots of reloading.

        I’m already tax-protesting by buying on the innertubes and keeping my old beater running instead of buying a new car. The state of Arizona doesn’t get much out of me in the way of sales tax. About property tax, there’s not much I can do, other than walk away from our unsaleable house.


  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Drive them into the sea? Nah… Take them out to sea, FAR out, and tie an anchor around their necks before shoving them overboard.

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