This And That

If I were looking around for a free place, I’d be looking for a melting pot, a mix of cultures and languages. You won’t find freedom in a closed society like North Korea or Utah. Claire has a great post on this topic.

After seeing yet another blogger who says something like, “Americans have lost their moral compass. We just need to take back our freedom.”, I shake my head. If you are one of the swarms of eager voters racing to the polls to elect a new whip holder, then you are the problem. My refusal to participate in handing the whip over to a new slavemaster is not apathy. It’s resignation. No one asked me if I wanted to fund constant wars, social entitlement schemes, indocrination camps for gullible youths, fire departments to protect us from poor building choices, or militarized po-leece departments. Or systemized whip-holding.

War is not a noble pursuit, and to “thank a veteran for your freedom” is laughable. Instead, if you have a roof over your head, thank a carpenter. I’m offended that no politician ever visited a wounded carpenter at any of the many Carpenters Hospitals.

The Founders they adore may have decried standing armies and entangling alliances, but that doesn’t stop asshats like Hannity and Levin from belittling you with insults like “isolationist” or “terrorist sympathizer” if you don’t support the troops and the wars they enable.

Convincing people that they would be better off without a government is like trying to convince a Mormon to give up Mormonism or a Christian to give up Christianity. The tighter you clutch a belief to your breast, the more I want to get the fuck away from you.

The “Powers That Be” may truly be foisting shadowy conspiracies upon us, but unless you elaborate on your antecedent, i.e., name the doer and his deed, don’t waste my time.


Posted by Dave


4 Comments on “This And That”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I hear ya. And you’re right, nobody likes to let go of their beliefs, and they do their best to vilify anyone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs. So I believe I’m gonna go drink a beer. And don’t you try to stop me! : )

  2. China says:

    Golly gee there mister underground carpenter you sound like one o them there Domestic terrorist! Janet gonna kick yer ASS cause TSA Nsa FBI CIA ICE DEA are all here to protect us You sound like one a them free thinker types.This type of behavior shall not be tolerated in OBAMMMERS AMERIKA !!! Happy NEW YEAR Dave!


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