On Shearing Sheep

Just wondering…

One Percent

“The Left” thinks “The Rich” should be milked for tax money. “The Right” thinks “The Rich” should be milked for jobs. So at precisely how many dollars should a man be judged rich enough to be exploited, manipulated, or merely hated? And just exactly who is qualified to do this classifying?

Damn few generalizations are useful. Basing a person’s “usefulness to society” on wallet size, college degree, skin pigments, country of birth, or their perceived voting block, ignores the real problem. If you think people are crops to be harvested, then God put your soul into the wrong body. You should have been an ant or a bee.



Posted by Dave


5 Comments on “On Shearing Sheep”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Excellent way of putting it, I never really thought that way. But that’s a good thing I reckon : )

  2. Art says:

    Excellent post. To answer your question, fed.gov sets the “exploited” bar, ummmm, kinda low. 1099 forms are to be submitted for any work valued at $600 or greater, yes? So you can say whatever ya want about the 1% or millionaires that make over $250 thou., .gov wants a piece of the action starting at floor level.
    I’m thinking you may have just invented new mascots for the dominant political parties! The Ants and the Bees. Nest and Hive!

    • Hi Art,

      True, all true, but to be hated for your wealth requires a larger wallet than the one in my well-worn jeans.

      “Nest and Hive!” I like that.

      Are you back home, or did you bang this out on your JobsPhone?


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