Cry Me A River, Leon

Leon Panetta, Defense Secretary, Warns That Military Cuts Could Add 1 Percent To Jobless Rate

Leon Panetta

It looks like the U.S. Military has its finances under the same control it has over those pesky insurgents. The right word is one seldom used with finances, but apropos here: Amok. After whining to Congress, which also strangely can’t seem to manage its bills, Panetta turned the mike over to his flunky and the press hacks.

Defense spending has nearly doubled since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks to more than $500 billion. That spending is separate from the $1 trillion-plus for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past decade. [Note: append “per year” to the first number. The second number seems light.]

Under the current deficit-reduction plan, the Pentagon must slash more than $400 billion in defense spending over the next decade.

“We would break faith with those in uniform who are serving. At a time of war, that’s unacceptable,” [Pentagon press secretary George] Little told reporters traveling with Panetta back to Washington after security meetings with Australian leaders in San Francisco.

So the real reason for the constant wars is to “keep faith” with the grunts. We do it all for them. Kinda tears ya’ up, huh? I wonder how much it cost to have “security meetings with Australian leaders.”

Have you noticed that budget cuts are always slashes, and always “over the next decade”, i.e., never. Words fascinate me.

Posted by Dave


8 Comments on “Cry Me A River, Leon”

  1. China says:

    Well shit Dave I Chinasyndrome just solved our unemployment problem.Using Leon’s theory We declare war with the whole world,we enlist Every man,woman,child over the age of 12. Tah Dah no unemployment ,Stocks through the roof,we seize the oil from every oil producing nation. Shit man problem solved.


  2. Art says:

    Pax Americana Redux!
    Saw a rumor over at some tin-foil, wookie-suit site that the current admin was pushing for unionizing the .mil . Panetta’s spokesmouth seems to be walking that line a bit.

    In so far as cutting $400 billion … whats that in jets? in drones? in Halliburton contracts?
    How abouts, in just plain ‘ol waste?

    from 2009, CBS,

    its own auditors admit the military cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.

    “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” Rumsfeld admitted.

    War … It’s a racket

    • Hi Art,

      When a trillion or two becomes couch change lost beneath the cushions, it’s time to drive them all into the sea. Unfortunately, we armed them. Shame on us. I’ll bet Rummy plays golf every day and sips on little drinks with umbrellas in them.


  3. What a tit.

    George Little, you want to keep faith with enlisted men, pull them back home. Stop asking them to fight and die in various infested shitholes for no benefit but political capital to be spent getting hacks re-elected.

    These endless wars are unspeakably stupid.

    • Hi Emily,

      Sadly, until braindead teenagers quit saying OK to traveling halfway around the world to murder strangers, I don’t think anything will change. The heartbreaking thing is that it’s more than a paycheck to them; they really believe it’s their “patriotic duty,” and that they’re “defending America.”



  4. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Words… Orwell’s “Newspeak”. It be happenin’… Methinks George Orwell wasn’t so much an author as a prophet…

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