Dem Ol’ Debil Drugs

Saw this linked on Bartcop. For the first article, click the pic.

John Belushi

Here’s the second:

We knew we’d won WWII when Japan and Germany surrendered. We knew we’d won the Gulf War when Hussein retreated from Kuwait. How will we know when we’ve won the war on drugs?

We won’t. It can’t be won. Not on any front. It will just go on and on and on. This is commerce for products that are easy to make and that people want. Making laws against them can’t possibly do any good. 

Michael Dare


Two good reads by Michael Dare with some eye-opening information.


Posted by Dave


2 Comments on “Dem Ol’ Debil Drugs”

  1. Art says:

    Thanks Dave for shining some light on this ebil topic.
    How did Americans ever survive the eras before the “War on Drugs”?
    Would it be more accurate to call it the “Never-ending War on American Habits”?

    It’s with guarded anticipation I await the initial airing of “Prohibition”, Ken Burns’ latest documentary. I wonder if there might be a lesson or two worth relearning in our not-to-distant history.

    • Hi Art,

      These two Michael Dare articles are the best things I ever read on the subject, and I agree with him completely. If the government were to ban coffee, I’d become a lawbreaker. I’m definitely an addict. I won’t ever hold it against anyone to have a taste for a substance.


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