Throwing Virgins Into The Volcano

Can you imagine if this guy had lived in the time of our Founding Fathers? He’d have torn them a new asshole, figuratively speaking.




How on earth can we NEED to have something with the RIGHT to forcibly control everyone, in order to defend our freedom?

 If some group can impose laws on me, and tax me, and regulate me, it’s not my servant; it’s my master. (Duh.)

Oddly, Constitutionalists and other “limited government” folk use the same bad logic that communists always use: “Well, it didn’t work THIS time, but that’s just because they did it wrong, not because the theory is flawed.”

Larken Rose


You’ve heard all the excuses. Without a government, you’d be the slave of the nearest gangsta’/warlord. Without a government, corporations would sell us poisoned baby food. Without a government, how would we educate our children? How could we live without 911, police and fire departments, a military; who would build and maintain the roads?

I’d sure like to try, so that once and for all statists could point and say, “See? Freedom doesn’t work!”


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7 Comments on “Throwing Virgins Into The Volcano”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Such a sad waste of good virgins… : )

    Without a government, I could shoot the gangsta/warlord when he trespasses on my property (BTW, what is the difference between government and gangsta/warlord? Oh, right. Suits and ties). Without a government, I could produce my own baby food, or trade with a local producer. Without a government, our children’s education would become actual learning again instead of wage slavery training camp. Lord knows we almost went extinct before 911, police goon squads, and bloated fire department bureaucracies! A couple Barney Fifes and the VFD went a long way. 911? It takes two minutes to look up emergency phone numbers and post ’em on the fridge, eliminating the expensive middle man. Military= citizen militia for DEFENCE purposes only. Roads? Why I see roads being built all the time with not a single DOT slacker in sight. They’re called oil field roads. Ranch roads. And most of them are far superior to the “cow trails” that the city and county puts in, not to mention cheaper by far…

  2. And now I have “Sharkbait, ooh-ha-ha!” going through my head. I blame you.

    The thing is, without the government some people will sell poisoned baby food. Food adulteration has been a problem for centuries, and probably longer but the arm of Google isn’t that long.

    The thing also is, see, that the solution is not to have a government make certain light bulbs and flush toilets illegal, stage armed raids on Amish dairy farms suspected of selling raw milk to consumers who carefully researched to find a means of getting raw milk, sue dairies who do not use growth hormones and advertise as such because it isn’t fair to the others, and turn market terms such as “organic” and “free range” into political terms whored out for campaign cash. For our own good, yadda yadda.

    The problem is that neither freedom nor government will actually change human nature. And it is human nature that most people are fucking stupid, and some people are downright bastards, and the latter will always find a way to benefit off everyone else with the help of the former. The only thing government does is make it legal for the bastards to screw you, usually because the government is the bastards doing the screwing (but they are always willing to let someone else step in for a modest amount of money).

    Freedom is scary to those sorts of people, because the only person responsible for you is you. That’s just enough rope for the stupid people to hang themselves, and the bastards know that a world where “he needed killing” is an acceptable reason is a world where they have a short life expectancy.

    Let it all burn to the ground. I’m tired of all the fucking idiots and my list of people who need killing is getting awful long. I’ll take freedom, and I’ll take my chances, thanks.

    Sorry for writing a novella. You know what a relief it is to find someone who actually thinks? Good post.

    • Hi Emily,

      Good comment. I agree that there will always be asshole humans. In freedom there might be fewer of them. Certainly, in freedom, we’ll all need to become a bit better at choosing the better from the worse. I’m happy to see I’m not the only one willing to risk it.

      WordPress trapped your comment in moderation, even though I don’t moderate comments. I only checked after I read your comment at Mayberry’s.


      • Ack, no worries. WordPress does some funky shit sometimes. It was probably the links that tripped the filter.

        I’m happy to see I’m not the only one willing to risk it.

        Not only am I willing to risk it, I think it’s quickly becoming the only viable solution for survival. The alternatives are narrowing down to global Zimbabwe or national Hitler Germany.

  3. Art says:

    This post makes me wonder how the eskimos managed without a gubbmint. Or the Apaches?

    I’d sure like to try, so that once and for all statists could point and say, “See? Freedom doesn’t work!”
    Think the closest thing to that ’round these parts is called “homelessness” or at the other extreme … “billionaire”

    • Hi Art,

      I’m not sure what you’d call the social organization of pre-US Native Americans. The hunter/gatherer thing seemed to be working, at least until the Europeans showed up, but it kinda makes you wonder why their technology peaked at the bow and arrow.

      So you’re saying that a homeless billionaire would be the freest man alive? Maybe “Winnebago Bill” Gates or “Underpass Warren” Buffet? Something to aspire to. :-)


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